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Notification Letters for Audit

Audit refers to an inspection of an organization’s processes, financials, information systems, or compliance. Audits are

Construction Notification Letters

Whenever construction is due to start at any location, a construction notification letter is issued to

Donation Request Letters written by School

Donation requests are made by charitable organizations working to serve the underprivileged. There are many non-profit

Complaint Letter against Peon

At the workplace, you are sure to encounter some tricky situations every then and now. They

Work Completion Letters

Whenever a company outsources some task or project to another organization, they sign a contract. This

Employee Write Up for Unprofessional Behavior

Education entails not only theory and practical application of sciences; rather it also inculcates ethical values

Music Performance Certificate Wording & Templates

Importance of music certificate? Music is a type of art that is not easy to master.

Loan Agreement Letter between Friends

The process of borrowing or lending money is termed as a loan. Sometimes, an individual needs

Internship Certificate Wording

#1 This is to certify that Mr. [NAME HERE], S\O Mr. [NAME HERE], a student of

Gym Cancellation Letters

Gym Cancellation Letter due to Shifting I am writing this letter to request you to cancel

Volunteer Confirmation Letters

The phenomenon of confirmation covers a wide range of definitions. In personal or professional life, the

Warning Letters to Employee for Unfair Office Practices

Warning letter for bad behavior in office We had earlier received complaints against you through your

Unpaid Salary Letters

Application for unpaid salary I am working in ABC International from the past 2 years in

Meeting Invitation Letters

General Meeting Invitation Letter This is to notify all staff members that there is going to

Thank You Letter after Probation Period

The purpose of probation period is to help the employer decide if the hired employee is

Resignation Letter during Probation Period

The probation period in any organization is very important for the employee. It helps him grow

End of Probation Period Letter

There are many contractual items from which or newly hired employees is exempted for a specific

Breach of Contract Termination Letter

People who sign the contract are bound to fulfill the agreed upon terms and conditions of

Breach of Contract Letter to Employee

What is a breach of contract? An agreement is signed between two parties which legally binds

Three Months Probation Period Letters

Many employers use probation period to integrate new employees into the working environment of the organization.