Newsletter Templates

A newsletter is a monthly dispatch that is sent to the concerned group of individuals. Its purpose is the advertisement. Companies need to inform about their upcoming products or services to all the customers. This is done in the best way through a newsletter.

Online newsletters are used by all kind of businesses. The newsletter needs to be very attractive and focused to grab the customer’s attention and to fulfill the purpose of it. An informative newsletter is highly acceptable rather than an irrelevant newsletter.

Let see the list given below!


The following newsletter is simple and decent. It has a white background that represents originality. The title is placed in the large grey font with an olive-green background. The combination of these two colors symbolizes ambition and peace. The title is placed on the top left. The date and volume are placed on the right with a small font. The second portion is divided into brief notes regarding the title and the sender company. This newsletter suits well for those businesses that are ambitious to achieve the targeted goals along with customer satisfaction. Particularly, it can be chosen for electronic appliances companies.

Newsletter Template

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The newsletter as below is eye-catching. It has a white background along with a blend of cobalt and azure color. These colors collectively show allegiance and potency. The title is printed in the header with a small logo. The sidebar shows the contents of the newsletter. Some brief descriptive notes are beside the sidebar. This newsletter can be chosen by cosmetics companies.

MS Word Newsletter template

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The newsletter as follows is quite striking and only one of its kinds. The title is printed in blue color. The font of the whole newsletter is also blue and black. These all colors together symbolize calmness. The title is printed in stylish font along with the date, volume, and issue number. The second part has two categories. The left side shows the contents. The right side shows short descriptions of the contents. The footer contains the postscripts details. This newsletter works well for the footwear companies.

Newsletter Sample

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The newsletter as down is very pleasant and soothing. The color combination is very vibrant. It directly grabs the attention of the reader. The wishful blue and light peach colors are very soothing. The title is placed at the header along with the envelope picture. It looks quite straightforward. The sidebar has contents of the newsletter. The same contents are briefed shortly at the right. This works well for all kind of fragrance companies.

Sample Newsletter template

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The newsletter shown below is an employee newsletter. Employee newsletter or internal newsletter is a good way to keep employees satisfied, informed and up-to-date. It has a white background with the blue colored background for the heading. The blue color illustrates creativity. The font used is also in blue and black. The title is in the header with volume number and issue number. Then, the letter date is printed. The left pane has contents of the letter and a short brief statement from the content to grab the reader’s attention. The right side has short briefings. This newsletter can be chosen by all the online companies.

Employee Newsletter Template

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This newsletter is exclusive and good-looking. A smart picture placed on the top looks quite eye-catching. The color combination is white, olive green and grey. These colors demonstrate productiveness. The header contains the date, company name, phone number, volume number, and issue number. The title is printed at the footer of the picture. The contents and aligned at the right. The briefings are aligned at the left. This newsletter works well for all the fabric and garment companies.

Business Newsletter Template

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This newsletter is intuitive and exceptional. It holds pictures of kids and animals. The color blend is Aegean, wishful blue, fawn, and white color. These all colors collectively demonstrate warmth and eloquence. The title in large font is placed on the top. A cute picture of kids is placed next. The right pane includes a list of family events. Then an eye-catching statement is headed with a cute relevant picture in the end. The left side comprises different short briefings. This newsletter can be used by anyone who loves to keep the family in touch. A family newsletter is a great way of showing care and emotions for each other.

Family Christmas Newsletter

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The family newsletter shown below is fetching and wondrous. A cool picture of a home with fences is one of a kind. The color combination of blue, green, yellow, pink and white is very lively. These colors look very ravishing and sparkling together. The family newsletter is simply for the sake of fun. It also expresses deep emotions for the beloved ones. The title is printed on the top with a sky-blue background. Then short briefings with relevant pictures are placed. The contents are aligned at the right footer.  Anyone can pick this family newsletter as it’s very pleasant and eye-catching.

Family Newsletter Sample

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The newsletter as down is creative. It is designed with white, peach and pink shades. These colors collectively demonstrate harmony. The title is printed at the left header. The date, volume, and issue number are aligned at the right header. Then the company’s name is written. The third part is divided into two parts. On the left pane is content and highlights with relevant images at the footer. The right side has all the briefings. This newsletter can be chosen by any company as either an informative newsletter or employee newsletter.

Newsletter Design

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