Award Certificates Wording & Templates

Award certificates are such documents which are awarded on an achievement of an individual or organization. The purpose of awarding these certificates is to acknowledge the achievements of the person.

Whether you a student or an employee, you always need encouragement to keep yourself motivated and accelerated towards your goals. There are different ways in which organizations reward their employees.

One of the best ways is rewarding them with an award certificate. These certificates not only boost the confidence in the recipient but also encourage them to work better in the future.

What are the benefits of award certificate?

  1. The purpose of an award certificate is to endorse the good performance of the employee. You might be recognizing the efforts of your employee verbally. However, recognizing by awarding the certificate is also important.
  2. When the employee gets enough appreciation from his boss, he always feels more confident and encouraged. He gets determined to do even better in the future. The award certificate is the biggest sign of achievement for the recipient and he can show it to others as a proof of his achievements.
  3. Rewarding the employees or students with the award certificate makes them focused on their work. Not giving enough appreciation to a person makes him not taking interest in his field. When an employee gets a reward, he starts doing more research in his field to improve his skills so that he can be a better person.

What are the key elements of award certificate?

The key elements of the award certificate are:

  1. The title of the certificate
  2. Name of recipient
  3. Reason for awarding award certificate
  4. Signatures of the awarding body

Award certificate template is a very handy tool for those who need a solid and professional looking award certificate. The certificate template makes it easier for the user to add his details to customize it according to his needs. It should be ensured that the certificate contains only relevant details.

If there is anything unnecessary in the certificate, it should be removed from it to make it look more appropriate to be awarded.

Sample Wording

  • The association bestows upon you the certificate of Contribution Award in appreciation of your assistance & influences & sustained provision of our platform. You have always backed up our cause & worked laboriously through your tenure. We are highly grateful for your unending support & continued offerings. May you reach the heights of success you deserve!
  • This award is conferred on you out of profound & unfathomable thankfulness for your different aptitudes & flairs & apprehensive perseverance so liberally agreed by the association. You have stayed a positively different & talented as an individual that we always relished. We wish you a unique & bright future ahead.
  • In gratitude & gratefulness of eminent routine, you are hereby bequeathed the award of the Employee of the Year. The company redeemed your performance & after reviewing it properly, we concluded that you are the workforce who is worthy of this award. All the members of the board of directors unanimously agreed upon your name which is a success. Wish you all the best of luck for your successful future.
  • This award of thankfulness is granted to you in gratifying obligation for your many years of devotion & persistence to the (certain program) with our association. The firm thanks you for your commitment & dedication you ever showed to our cause. You have stayed a very sincere & loyal member of our team. You were always there whenever your assistance was needed no matter what. Thank you!


Award certificate template

Format: MS Word | Download


Award certificate template

Format: MS Word | Download