Professional Letterhead Templates

For a business to create and adopt a professional outlook, companies tend to give a formal look to all aspects of their businesses. Using customized letterheads help in enhancing a company or brand image to make it look different than that of its competitors.

Letterheads are customized pieces of stationary designed to use for communication in the form of letters, mails, memo’s or notes. These letterheads can be sent electronically as well as used in the printed format.

A simple letterhead consists of the name of the company, the address of the company and logo or corporate design and at times a background. Some companies also like to display the different means of communications to help connect with people directly, for example, providing the company phone number, the web address of the company site and an email address. The letterheads act an identity tool for professional businesses in the markets and help them create an outstanding image in the market.

The basic use of letterhead is for both internal and external communication in a business. Legal notices, meetings records, notices, and inter-department communication can be made through printed or electronically sent letterheads. They can also be used for contractual purposes when dealing with other businesses.

MS Word is a computer-based programme that provides a wide variety of functions. These functions include creating different kinds of documents, presentations, and other files. Designing Letterheads or Letter headed documents are also one of the services provided by the programme. Moreover, there are readymade templates available to use.

Other designs can also be downloaded offline and edited to meet the user’s requirements. The user can edit the templates to add more or erase information out of the Letterheads, depending on the design chosen by the company. Below are sample Letterhead template:


The template is designed in a very simplistic manner with pink detailing at the top and bottom. The space for the logo is at the top to clearly display the company name. The information regarding the location of the company and the links to help connect with the company have been placed in such a manner that they are easy to look at without being combined with the text that is to be added in the blank area. Download

Letterhead template


A place for the logo is created at the top in the middle so it is the first thing that is read by the receiver. The address space makes it easy to locate the sender, especially if the company has different branches. Furthermore, the middle space has been left blank for the text to add with communication links added at the end of the page to present the notice or document in a neat format. The light blue background creates a simple and neat design that helps further distinguish the letterhead from that of other companies. Download

Word letterhead template


The template has been designed to present the main information such as the corporate logo and the address at the top while the links for communication have been separately displayed at the bottom in a mellow black and brown color. The middle space in the letterhead has been left blank. This is a great feature of the template in case the text added on the letterhead is done by hand. The plain background does not act as a distraction. Download

Letterhead sample template


The template has been designed to create a very aesthetically pleasing design with a pastel favored detailing. The contact information has been added to the top next to the corporate logo space while the rest of the space has been left blank to add text in. At the end of the letterhead, a place for the website has been left on top of the pink detailing to make the web address stand out. Download

Company letterhead sample


The bold black and orange contrast with light background provide a very sleek and unique design for the letterhead. The top of the letterhead has been left blank safe for the logo space to make it stand out. While the contact information such as the address and web page link has been placed at the bottom with blank space in the middle of the letterhead to add the text. Download

Professional letterhead template


The dark green color with a green-hued accent as the background gives a very warm tone to the letterhead. The simplistic design of middle placed logo at the top with the contact information right underneath the logo provides a neat and clean look. The website address has been added at the end to give a nice ending to the letterhead page. Download

Business letterhead sample


The format of the template is designed to place the logo and the information on both, the top and bottom, right corners of the letterhead with a detailed background. The light blue colors provide a calm yet vibrant attitude to the letterhead. Furthermore, the contact information of the sending party has been provided with a separate space that is divided by a line to show the end of writing space. Download

Company letterhead sample


The solid blue color with of the letterhead creates a calming effect on the sender and receiver. The template has been created to hold the company information such as the logo and the address at the top of the page with the lower area left blank to add the text in. The bottom of the letterhead has blue detailing as well to show the end of the page with a space on the left corner to where the webpage link has been incorporated to stand out from the design. Download

Sample letterhead template


The template has been designed with a bold choice of color, pink but a very neat design. The top of the page has been left blank other than the background detailing to display the company logo. Whereas the contact information of the sending party has been incorporated into the background at the bottom of the letterhead with the text color selected as white. This causes the text to stand out more and is easier to read against the dark background. Download

Ms word letterhead sample


The template has a slight geometrical print which is of a light pinkish hue. The color is not brightly toned and is rich enough for the reader to not get distracted by the color choice as well as to not interfere with the message being relayed in the letterhead. The space for the company logo is situated on the top, left corner while the contact information is to be edited on the top, right corner. The rest of the page is blank to add the text to. The bottom of the page has a soft borderline to show the end of the letterhead. Download

Letterhead sample


With a contrast of dark and light blue design, the letterhead consists of a very simple design. The company logo space has been provided at the top of the letterhead with a place to edit the company slogan in to as well. The rest of the information of the sender is situated in one area at the end of the letterhead. Download

Sample letterhead for word


This template is designed to neatly present information and relay messages that are easy to read. The letterhead consists of the name of the company at the top with the contact information provided below it. The rest of the page has been left blank for the messages such as notices and memos etc. The warm mustard colored detailing gives a comfortable yet professional effect to the document. Download

Letterhead sample template


The light and the dark blue colored background against the white creates a very neat and professional look for the company letterhead. The company logo will be situated on the top right corner as to not intercede with the background. There are places provided to edit the title of the text in the letterhead. The bottom of the page is secured with separate boxes consisting of the contact information of the sender. Download

business letterhead sample word


This template has a very clear design. Both the top and the bottom of the letterhead have been separated by the design. At the top place for the corporate logo and the name of the corporation has been provided separately with a place for the domain name under the company name. The line acts as a border to show where the text is to be added. Whereas at the bottom of the page the blue space has the sender’s contact information incorporated into it. This makes it easy for the reader to acknowledge the contact information by avoiding confusing information with the rest of the text that is to be added in the blank space in the middle. Download

Business letterhead format


The template has a very sleek and simple design with a grey background. There are separate spaces to edit the company logo and the name of the company to avoid any confusion with similarly named companies. Furthermore, the contact information has been placed at the end in a clear and easy to read manner. The template also has a title space for a signature of the acting manager or someone with a position with authority. The title can be edited to change according to the user’s requirements. Download

Company letterhead format