Flyer Templates from MS Word for 2019-20

1.Winter party flyer

The flyer is very attractive and pleasant to the eyes. The text is placed in plum, purple and blue color. The flyer has a white background with an elegant blend of sky blue, sapphire and red color. These all colors jointly symbolize love, determination, and creativity. The invitation is placed at the top left. The time, date and place are followed by a brief explanation. Charismatic clip art of a graceful Santa Claus on a hill with pine trees and a far-off lovely home is placed in the end. The flyer goes perfectly for all the winter parties that are planned in winter holidays.

Winter party flyer



2.Event flyer

This flyer is very refreshing and multi-hued. The color combination of green, blue and yellow symbolizes health, liveliness, and freshness. The image of a man cutting vegetables is quite spectacular. This image is positioned at the top. The event name along with relevant notes is placed down. At the bottom text area is positioned where all appropriate text can be added. The flyer goes perfectly for all events related to healthy cooking, food carnival, and nutritional festival.

Event flyer

3.Springtime Event flyer

The flyer looks very striking. It has a white background with a blue border. The white and blue color collectively holds cleanliness and goodness. Stunning clipart of auburn red orchids is placed at the top which shows joy. The whole text is separated with vertical lines in the form of columns. Firstly, the title and subtitle are given. Secondly, the date and time are given. Thirdly, the location details are given. In the end, some short description pertaining to the event is given. The flyer could be chosen for all spring festivities that take place formally and informally.

Springtime event flyer

4.Summer party flyer

The flyer is simple yet attractive. The photo of a beach umbrella and beach chairs is looking pleasing to the eyes. The image of sand and water is quite refreshing. The multi-hued combination of orange, grey, green and different shades of blue represent joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. The title is placed at the top. The relevant customizable text is placed under the image. The name contact number and email id are placed at the bottom. The flyer could be chosen for all kind of beach parties during summer vacations.

Summer party flyer


5.Business flyer

The flyer is designed with different shades of steel blue and grey. The flyer is symbolizing professionalism and expertise. The title and subtitle are positioned at the top in the form of message boxes. After the title, two photos are placed together in the form of boxes. The left photo shows a discussion session going on. The right picture symbolizing enthusiasm for work ethics. The bottom contains different short statements regarding the flyer with separate headings. The flyer could be chosen for all the business events that are dedicated and planned for the customers.

Business flyer


6.Small business flyer

The flyer is simple and concerning. It has a white background that shows purity. The font is placed in different colors like cobalt blue, maroon, and black that collectively represents vitality. The title and subtitle are placed on the top left. Then, all the necessary details a printed in the form of bullets. A sidebar with a peach background is placed on the right side. The sidebar has a business logo and details about special services that are provided. The flyer could be chosen for all small-scale business that provides ease to the customers.

Small business flyer


7.Real estate flyer

The flyer contains a stylish photo of a multi-level home. Some small photos are also added to show other views of the home. The left sidebar contains a brief description of the home along with the theme chart of the colors used. The color theme of the whole flyer symbolizes wholesomeness. The company logo, address, and specific short details are mentioned in the footer. The flyer could be chosen for all kind of real estate selling.

Real estate flyer


8.Retail sales flyer

The flyer is eye-catching due to the design. This flyer template has a white background with a blend of blue, yellow and purple. These all colors collectively demonstrate stability. The border is made with yellow stripes. The top has the title with a subtitle. The left side holds the relevant description. The right side has an eye-catching image of a sunflower. The important details, timings, company logo, and address are followed by a highlighted horizontal stripe. This sale flyer can be used for all retail items sale.

Retail sales flyer


9.Car sales flyer

The flyer is designed with a striped background pattern in light blue color. The blue color shows confidence. The title is placed at the top in large font. Three different relevant images are placed under the title in a crisscross form. All important description is placed then. The footer contains some tear-off stripes of the contact number. The flyer is specific and obvious to be used as a sales flyer for any kind of asset.

Car sale flyer


10.Thanksgiving flyer

The flyer is designed elegantly with maroon and marmalade color. The maroon color illustrates warmth and excitement. The paintbrush strokes in marmalade color demonstrate cheerfulness and love. The whole text is positioned inside a shortbread colored margin. The complete address is placed at the top. Then, the event name and title are placed. The date and timings are placed at the end. The flyer is perfect for all kind of Thanksgiving events.

Thanksgiving flyer


11.Holi flyer

The flyer is designed magnificently with a combination of indigo, purple and plum color. These all colors hold pride. The title is placed on the top with bold font. Then a short description is placed. After that, lovely clip art of colorful sand pots is positioned. The footer contains the detail of time, date and location. The flyer is perfect for all kind of formal or informal Holi events.

Holi flyer


12.Halloween Flyer

The flyer is designed with the combination of marmalade, peach and black color. The marmalade color symbolizes adventure. The black color symbolizes power. The peach color holds charm. The invitation is placed elegantly in the image of a moon. The font is bold and ghastly that goes perfectly for a Halloween party. An image of a haunted house with bats and trees is enhancing the theme of the flyer. The date, location, time etc are marked in white with a black background. The flyer is simply perfect for all kind of Halloween parties.

Halloween flyer


13.Kwanzaa Flyer

The flyer is designed with a blend of pecan and brown color. The brown color shows friendliness. The pecan color represents peacefulness. The page has a pleasant patterned border at the header and the footer. The upper half holds a lovely image of Kwanza candle holder. The lower half holds the salutation, short description, time, place, and date. The flyer is ideal for the festivities of Kwanza events.

Khawanzaa flyer


14.Friendsgiving Flyer

The flyer is designed very exquisitely. The wooden patterned background in dark chocolate color symbolizes outgoingness and dedication. The top left holds the title. Then, the lovely clipart of yummy pie is placed. After that, another scrumptious roasted chicken clipart is positioned. Beside the clipart is placed a brief description. The footer contains the date, timings, and location. This flyer is perfect for all kind of Friendsgiving events.

Friendsgiving flyer


15.Hanukkah Flyer

The flyer has very outstanding color combinations which are very pleasing to the mind. The background is of cobalt blue color that reveals accuracy. The striking photo of the candled pattern in blonde color shows purity. The salutation is placed at the top with double-sided margin lines. After that, the place, time and date are mentioned followed by a short description. The flyer is designed superbly for all Hanukkah events.

Hanukkah flyer