College Newsletter Template

You probably have read a college newsletter and know that it needs to be clear and interesting so that readers will actually read it. To create a good college newsletter, you need to include information in an engaging way. To find out more, continue reading on.

What is the College Newsletter?

College newsletters are different from newspapers in some ways. Newspapers tend to focus more on the news as well as recent happenings within the campus, whilst newsletters focus more on informing the alumni, students, faculty along with parents of academic developments and positive successes.

Despite the fact that the nature of the content will be different, similar sections can still be present which aim to inform the readers in more fascinating and immersing ways.

How to Create a College Newsletter?

There are many gripping ways to create a good newsletter. Below are some tips that you can consider.

  • Date of issue– At the top of the newsletter, the date and issue number of the newsletter can be stated.
  • Name of the college– The name of the college can then be printed in bold and in a large format so that it stands out. You can add “Quarterly” with the college name. Beneath this, it can be said that this is the official newsletter of the stated college.
  • Articles in the issue– These can be typed like a table of contents giving the title and page number of the particular articles.
  • Nameplate– This is a noticeable part of a newsletter. It should be simple yet memorable; you can have a catchy tagline.
  • Headline- This needs to be interesting so that it can grab readers’ attention and want them to continue reading on. Have important information in the story so that readers will read it.
  • Striking picture- An image can go with the headline. It should be striking and tell a visual narrative.
  • Body text– In the news stories, add the most crucial points at the beginning. But this is not needed for feature stories. In these, you can be more creative.
  • The layout of the newsletter– You can choose a layout that has the image at the top then the content of the story, or the image can be on one side and the story on the other side.
  • Font– Use a clear font that can be easily read. The main headings should be in a larger font. They can be in capital letters as well so that they stand out. Subheadings may also be in a larger font in comparison to the font for the main story.


  • It allows students, parents, and others to get to know what is going on in college.
  • An interesting way for the college to tell of important information connected to the college.

From the above, it can be seen that college newsletters are important and need to be created in such a way that they attract readers to want to continue reading on. It is better to not include boring information that does not intrigue. Only include what is important and interesting.


College Newsletter Template

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