Certificate of Completion Wording & Templates

What is a certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion is awarded by an organization to the individual who has successfully completed a program conducted by that organization. Those students who have not met the requirements of the graduation program but have participated in the program are awarded the certificate of completion.

Characteristics of a certificate of completion:

  1. A certification awarded upon the completion of a program. This certificate is not considered as an academic credential. It is not necessary that only the people in educational institutes get this certificate.
  2. The certificate of completion cannot be used for getting admission in any educational institute as it is not an educational credential. This certificate can help in getting a job as it is awarded to certify that the individual has achieved a level of skill or knowledge about something.
  3. You should visit the website of the company awarding the certificate of completion so that you can know the potential benefits you will have after achieving the certificate.

A certificate of completion is a symbol of knowledge in a specific area. The individual who has earned this certificate can get a lot of benefits in his/her professional life.

If you are going to award someone with the certificate of completion and you don’t know how to create the certificate of completion, you can download a certificate of completion template.

The easy to edit template allows you to add the details of your choice. This certificate of completion can enhance the value of a professional person when he adds the certificate name in the resume.

What are the key elements of a certificate of completion?

  1. The title of the certificate
  2. The name of the candidate being awarded the certificate
  3. Reason for awarding the certificate
  4. Signatures of the owner of the institute awarding certificate of completion

The scope of completion certificate is much higher than the diploma these days. The criterion for awarding the diploma in many states has become very tough. Most of the students are opting for such programs which are helpful for them in achieving the certificate of completion.

Sample Wording & Templates

Certificate of completion template


Certificate of Completion Templates

You can download this template using MS Word software. The sample text/wording has been given below. Follow the steps to create a new template by using the helping text available.

1. First of all Download the template.

2. Open the template file on your local computer

3. Select the text given below RECIPIENT NAME

4. Copy the text that you want to put on the certificate

5. Paste it into the available space

6. Print it


  1. This Certificate of Completion is endowed to you for the outstanding accomplishment of the short course at the INSTITUTE. This is to certify that you have efficaciously done the certain course you joined us for. During this time period, you have stayed extremely supportive & never held back when it came to volunteering both time & energies.
  2. This certifies that you have successfully completed the [course name] from the institute. I hereby say my heartfelt acknowledgment to you in admiration of your continued offerings as a future volunteer here & nonstop work as a frontrunner firming up our workplace. I highly ratify your never-ending backing. Thank you!
  3. The certificate confirms that you have accomplished the agreement of your job at our institute. Throughout this time we found you genuine, painstaking, steadfast & outcome sloping. You toiled really sound as a fragment of the group through your tenure. We take this prospect to show gratitude to you & wish you all the best of luck for your bright future.
  4. The certificate of completion is hereby presented to you for carrying out a sequence on global connection presented by our institute. You are a great human with humanity dominating your life. This is what we were here for; to make people realize the importance of love & peace all around the globe. Congratulations on the completion of your course & thank you for being a very constructive part.