Certificates of Training

What is a certificate of training?

A training certificate is awarded to a person after he has completed his training course. A training can be months long practice course or a video tutorial. The main purpose of the training course is to make the person learn a specific skill. Issuing the certificate ensures that the person has got that skill for which he was taking that training course.

The format of the certificate:

This certificate is same as other certificates because of which the format followed by it is also same. The title of the certificate is given at the top of the certificate. The name of the trainer is written along with the details of the course completed by him.

The course details include the name of the course, its duration, skills taught by the course etc. In order to give a professional look to your certificate, Add the logo of the organization in the background of the certificate.

Elements of training certificate:

The main details which are included in almost every type of training certificate are:

  1. The name of the trainer
  2. Name of the trainee
  3. Date of issuing the certificate
  4. The name of the institute as well as its logos
  5. Name of institute that has conducted the training course
  6. Duration of the course
  7. List of skills acquired by the trainer after completing the training course
  8. Signatures and the stamp of the person issuing the certificate

Tips for preparing a certificate of training: 

When you have decided to prepare a certificate of training by yourself, these tips can be helpful for you in drafting a perfect and professional looking certificate.

  1. Choosing a right paper for making a certificate is very important. In order to prepare a professional looking certificate, it is always recommended to choose a letterhead of the company that will be a proof that the certificate has been prepared by the officials. The quality of the paper also matters a lot. Choosing a low quality or lightweight paper may give the feeling to your recipient that he is not being valued by the organization.
  2. Choose a proper color scheme which is most suitable for the certificate. One of the major tasks is to pay attention to the color that you want to use for making the certificate. Since certificate of training is an official document, it is always recommended not to use the loud colors on it.
  3. The language of the certificate should be simple and formal. The language should be chosen in such a way that it can impart a professional look to your certificate.
  4. Use different fonts to make the certificate more beautiful. The title of the certificate should be written in the big and bold font. Apart from this, underline the name of the trainee and bold it so it will look prominent on the certificate.
  5. The name of the recipient of the certificate should be spelled correctly. You can also ask the recipient about his name spellings.
  6. Check the whole certificate for grammatical and spellings mistakes. A certificate with mistakes can put a negative impression on the mind of the reader.
  7. Add the name of the certificate issuer, his designation, place, date of issuing the certificate and the stamp of the issuer so the certificate will become an official document.

The importance of the certificate: 

A certificate is the best way to reward a person when he has accomplished something. There are many organizations which want to hire those people who have acquired specific skills. Showing the certificate of training while applying for the job increases the chances of getting selected.

Getting any skills have become very important. Having a certificate ensures that the person is skilled enough in the particular field and he is now able to work for the organization which needs a skilled person in the same field.

Main objectives of the certificate: 

The main objectives of this certificate are:

  1. To prove that the trainee has acquired the specific skills
  2. To verify that the trainee has participated in a training course and has learned a lot
  3. To state that the potential individual has abilities to work in an organization where the acquired skills of the trainee are required.

The Do’s and Don’ts of writing the certificate:


  1. Write the statement on the letterhead of the company which is awarding this certificate
  2. Elaborate few best qualities of the candidate that can help him in future in getting the job
  3. Wish the trainee best of luck since it is the time for him to practice his skills in his work
  4. Write a completely error-free certificate
  5. Add the logo of the company at any corner of the certificate which will prove that it has been issued officially
  6. Follow the pattern that has been defined by the company so that all the certificates that the institute issues to its trainees look same


  1. Don’t add the qualities of the trainee in the certificate which are not related to the training course. The qualities which can’t help him in his professional life should not be added to the certificate
  2. Don’t use the informal language in the certificate
  3. The pattern and the layout of the certificate should be decided with great care. It should not follow any such pattern that can’t impart professionalism

Certificate of training requirements:

  1. The person who wants to acquire this certificate should complete his training course in the particular institute.
  2. The trainee should work with passion and focus so that he can learn new skills
  3. The trainee should also be able to clear various tests that are conducted in an institute at the end to know if the candidate has acquired the skills
  4. The trainee should regularly attend the classes of the training course


Certificate of Training Template


Certificate of Training Template