Warning Letter for Parking Violations

It is obligatory for every citizen of the country to follow the rules and regulations that the state has made. The warning letters are issued for parking rules violations in order to discourage parking the car in the wrong direction or at the wrong place.

Violation of parking rules is against the ethics as well as laws of the state. Illegally parked vehicle causes a problem for blind, disabled and old people. Due to this reason, the drivers who park their vehicle illegally also get penalty charge.

In any company, the employees are the most important part. They are considered as a biggest driving force of the company. They are responsible for managing everything perfectly and delivering the best outcomes.

Sometimes, the employees also do mistakes such as not submitting work on time, being late from work, fighting with co-workers, parking the car illegally and a lot more.

The illegal parking of the employee can become a problem for those entering the company or come to park their vehicle. Most of the companies have their own specified parking lot for everyone who visits the company.

If the employee parks the car at the wrong place, the employer can write a warning letter to the employee.

The warning letter can clearly state that the employee is being warned because of illegal parking. It should also state that parking the vehicle at the wrong place or in the wrong direction has caused a problem for different people.

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You can ask the employee to not park his vehicle at the prohibited place. This warning letter can be very useful for the company because it sometimes becomes a most effective tool to make the person to not do anything which is against the company’s policy.

Some employees take the written warning serious and instantly correct their mistake. Here is a sample warning letter was written for the parking violation.

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Letter body:

This letter is being written to warn you for the continuous negligence of parking rules of the company. The security guard has informed you several times that you are not allowed to park the car in the prohibited area.

Yet, you completely ignore the ‘’No Parking’’ sign. Kindly abide by the rules of the company and park the car where it is allowed. Thanks for your cooperation.



Warning letter for parking violations

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