Flyer Templates from MS Word for 2019-20

1.Winter party flyer The flyer is very attractive and pleasant to the eyes. The text is

Football Party Flyers

During football season, the football lovers organize the football parties. The aim is to enjoy the

Event Flyers from MS Word

A flyer refers to the advertisement of an event that is about to come about. The

Newsletter Templates

A newsletter is a monthly dispatch that is sent to the concerned group of individuals. Its

FREE Id Card Templates

Professional life is limited with various rules and regulations. These rules need to be followed strictly.

Winter Party Flyers

There are a lot of holidays to celebrate in the winter season. The winter parties are

Professional Letterhead Templates

For a business to create and adopt a professional outlook, companies tend to give a formal

Notification Letters for Audit

Audit refers to an inspection of an organization’s processes, financials, information systems or compliance. Audits are

Construction Notification Letters

Whenever construction is due to start at any location, a construction notification letter is issued to

Donation Request Letters written by School

Donation requests are made by charitable organizations working to serve the underprivileged. There are many non-profit

Complaint Letter against Peon

At the workplace, you are sure to encounter some tricky situations every then and now. They

Work Completion Letters

Whenever a company outsources some task or project to another organization, they sign a contract. This

Employee Write Up for Unprofessional Behavior

Education entails not only theory and practical application of sciences; rather it also inculcates ethical values

Wedding Summary Checklist Template

What is wedding summary? The wedding is one of the most important events in anybody’s life.

Award Certificates Wording & Templates

Award certificates are such documents which are awarded on an achievement of an individual or organization.

Basketball Certificate Wording & Templates

Basketball certificates Every player in the basketball tournament puts all the efforts to get success in

Baseball Certificate Wording & Templates

Baseball certificates Awarding Baseball certificates is a traditional way to reward the baseball players. In order

Music Performance Certificate Wording & Templates

Importance of music certificate? Music is a type of art that is not easy to master.

Certificate of Appreciation Wording & Templates

Everyone deserves to be appreciated when he or she put serious efforts into achieving something. Most

Certificate of Completion Wording & Templates

What is a certificate of completion? A certificate of completion is awarded by an organization to