Anniversary Love Letters

We hear all kind of things regarding marriage. Some good, some bad and some horrible. However horrible it might sound, everyone wants to get married anyway.

What is the fact that makes marriage significant? One of the most significant facts is that we are born with a lot of relationships such as parents, siblings, and grandparents. But our spouse is the one relation we are free to choose. So, we are not just choosing a spouse we are choosing a friend and a companion for life.

For all the people, out there who think marriage is not fun, they need to consider some facts. Such as the beginning. Yes, marriage is the beginning of a new life. It is when you start to have your own family. Your own spouse with whom you can make your own home and have your own kids.

Having all these elements in our lives gives us a feeling of fulfillment, which is very important for human nature. Marriage teaches you a lot and one of the best lessons you learn on the way is to be selfless.

Yes, you must put your spouse and your children above everything. You must make sacrifices every day. And this is what makes you a different person all the way.

Cutting down all the reasons, marriage has two important reasons. One is the social recognition. When a person is important to us, we want to be socially and emotionally attached to them. And the second most important reason is to have companionship. This reason and all others make it a very important bond. But getting married is easy but maintaining a marriage could be the real challenge.

For this reason, it is very important to value the relationship. And one of the ways to value your relationship is to celebrate every bit of it. Like celebrating the wedding anniversary.

The best way to celebrate the anniversary is to arrange a dinner or even a party. But if for some reason you are away and still follow the old school rules, you can write a letter to your spouse. Written words always have an impact on us and they make us feel a lot more loved.

Now, what do we exactly write in the letter? Anything, yes anything at all that matters to you and your spouse. You can write all the precious moments you had together. And you can also mention the changes your spouse has brought in your life. Expressing your thoughts through a letter will give you enough time and space to write it down.

Anniversary Letter Sample

Dear [Name Here]

The year flew like a month and I could not even notice time passing too fast with you. I met you as a person I did not know but now I can say I am blessed to have you in my life and you made it beautiful. This day [DETAIL] brought a soothing breeze of love, care, responsibility, honor, and respect. The essence of an entrancing and ravishing relationship is what I found in you.

I wanted to share with you some previous memories of us together in this year. I wish you would be here with me to be delighted with this cherishable moment but I understand that you cannot due to the busy schedule of your job.

I understand you are doing it for both of us. I remember you promised the first day of our wedding, the same day as today that you will not leave me alone in any situation and will try your best to make me happy. But I want to confess that I can never be happy without you. You are being away for a month is like a year being passed. But when you are with me, time flies fast like never.

It is alright if we will have a lesser amount of money but at least we will live together. The way you are taking care of me although you are far, still, it’s a debt of love I can never repay. I want to do your things myself so that you do not have to do anything after you get back from tiring work but I cannot due to this long-distance relationship.

But I am sending our memories along with this letter to remind you us being everything in this whole year, from elegant to crazy, all moments are right in there!

In the end, I want you to know that I love you and I will keep waiting for you to enjoy this wonderful day in which you entered my life together to relish each moment of this day memorizing our time spent together. Because somewhere in our little laughter’s, teeny fights and crazy moments, I fell in love with you!


Anniversary Love Letter

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