Holiday Announcement Letters

Holidays are a much awaited time of the year. Every employee plan, arrange and schedule different activities for the off days. It is the practice followed by many organizations to inform their employees well before time about the holidays. Following are given the letters that will help you write your holiday announcement text to your employees for different occasions.

Staff Holiday Announcement Letter

To [Staff],

It is to inform you all that all [Office/branches] will be closed from [DATE] to [DATE]. Please note that no short leave would be issued a day before holiday due to the workload. kindly submit your projects before [DATE] to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Kindly note that the [Office/branches] will reopen on Monday [DATE]. We hope you enjoy your holidays with your family and friends and check your accounts for the end year bonuses before you hop on a holiday. Enjoy!

Staff holiday announcement letter

Holiday Notice to Staff

Please note that the office will remain closed for [X] day/days due to the construction happening at the [TEXT] site and also within the basement area. The workload on construction is increasing and taking extra time due to the busy working hours at the office.

Kindly, keep connected with your supervisors in these[XX] days for any further information regarding office opening soon in [TEXT] or [TEXT] days.  Your supervisors will inform you with the work you can do at home as we cannot assure you the reopening.

We apologise for the inconvenience you are facing and we will appreciate your corporation with your supervisors and we want to inform you that the first three off days will be free of work. We hope you enjoy these days with your family and friends. Please show a responsible attitude towards your duties and look forward to bonuses and promotions.

Thank you.

Christmas Holiday Announcement Letter

We hereby announce that Office will remain closed for [X] day/days.

Due to upcoming blockage due to Christmas those who live beyond [DETAIL] can leave by [00:00] am/pm.

Be the new year the work hours will vary to weather updates and Saturdays will be on in the next whole month due to the extra holidays of Christmas.

Kindly do not apply for extra leaves right after the holidays.

Office will reopen on [dd/mm/yyyy] at [00:00]. You are requested to be punctual and responsible towards your duties to be able to receive promotions before the new year begins.

Thank you!

Christmas holiday announcement letter