Wedding Budget Summary Template

A wedding is a wonderful time of anyone’s life. This is an occasion that is filled up with emotions, joy, and happiness. Not only the couple but all related or concerned people feel happy towards this event. Participating in wedding functions or events is not only a tradition but an exciting thing to do. Sharing happiness with marrying couple spread harmony all around.

Keeping all these things in mind a well-managed wedding event is compulsory. To meet all expense of the wedding a fixed amount is needed. So, it is advisable and very good thought to make a budget so that everything goes smoothly.

We are providing here a wedding budget summary template that will assist you in doing this. This template is unique in guiding you from a bit too big and there is no chance that you will forget anything important.

We will highlight few of its snapshots to give you an idea about its function before you step to download a copy of it.


This highlights a logo, wedding date, and counter. The given logo is a beautiful ring but you can replace it with the one you like. The counter is a countdown that lets you know how many days are left for the wedding day.

Wedding Budget Summary Template



Wedding budget summary part highlights different category list along with estimated and actual cost of it. Categories may include apparel, reception, gifts, decorations, photography, flowers and printing expenses. The last column shows you the difference if either you are over or under your actual budget amount for each category and overall total.

Wedding Budget Summary Template



A graphical analysis lets you know about which category is most expensive and you can re-think about it to manage accordingly. It is a quick view and you know the whole story within seconds.

Wedding Budget Summary Template



Each category is further explored into detailed items in term of estimated and actual cost and their difference. You must thank for that as all and every bit of wedding customs have been included in this. Engagement ring, Groom and bridal rings, bridal gown, shoes, and jewelry etc have been included in the detailed list. In the same way, all categories have been subdivided with detailed items list. This wedding budget is still showing another feature of being wedding utensils checklist.

Wedding Budget Summary Template


An overall preview of the sample template

Wedding Budget Summary Template