Construction Notification Letters

Whenever construction is due to start at any location, a construction notification letter is issued to surrounding neighbors. This is a courtesy measure so that neighbors are aware that there will be construction going on nearby. It ensures they are prepared that there will be noise, dust, and debris around for the next couple of months.

Construction notification letters are useful and are written a proof that neighbors were given due warning.  In some cases, it can also save the constructor from facing legal issues. For example, if a neighbor has been served a construction notification letter, he/she is bound to remain cautious and be safe. If the neighbor wanders over to the construction site and hurts themselves, they would have a very little chance of success in case they decide to sue the constructor.

Similarly, if construction is started without giving notice to neighbors, the neighbors may complain to the concerned authorities about noise and dust. However, when they have been notified of construction activities, their complaining would have less impact.

Here are some sample letters that may be written to notify about construction in the neighborhood.

1- Construction notification letter to a neighbor


Subject:                Notification of construction on [enter location]

This is to inform you that we will be constructing a house on [enter location], which is just opposite your home. The construction shall be completed in seven months’ time. We would like you to know that you might have to endure some dust and noise issues for selected hours during the day. Moreover, we also request you to be careful around the construction material in order to be safe.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Construction notification letter to neighbor

2- Letter to notify residents of construction


Subject:                Notification of construction


I am writing to inform you that I am having some construction done in my house 516A located on the fifth floor. As a result, you may experience noise and clamor. My contractor promises to finish his job within two months’ time. Please keep your selves safe by minding the construction material.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Look forward to your patience in this regard.


Letter to notify residents of construction

3- Notice of construction to tenants


Subject:                Notice of construction

This is to inform you that I shall be sending a contractor to renovate the ground floor and build the patio. The construction is estimated to take about five weeks. You are requested to either shift out temporarily if you have any relatives or friends living nearby, or you may choose to stay at your own risk. Please keep clear of the construction area and be safe.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused; however, the renovations (as you must realize) are urgent and much needed.


Notice of construction to tenants