Thank You Letter after Probation Period

The purpose of probation period is to help the employer decide if the hired employee is suitable for the company. During this period, the employer monitors the performance of an employee and then decides whether he should be hired permanently or not.

After the decision has been made about the permanent hiring of the employee, the employer writes a confirmation letter. In response to this confirmation letter, the employee can write the thank you letter to the employer.

The probation period is also very useful for the employee because it gives him the opportunity to work for the company as a test. It also gives him the chance to work with many experienced people and learn a lot.

If the employer is satisfied with the performance of the employee, he can write the confirmation letter at the end of probation period and ask the employee to join the company permanently. The employee can write the thank you letter to the employer for hiring him.

Tips to write the thank you letter after probation:

  1. Thank you letters are very important to be written effectively especially when you are writing to your employer.
  2. Give the letter to the point and concise because it is a formal letter.
  3. Thank the employer for all the opportunities provided by him to you

You can use this better when you want to thank your employer for giving you the opportunity to work with the company during his probation period. The information that you are required to provide in this letter is

  1. Starting and ending date of the probation period
  2. Statement stating that the probation period has ended successfully
  3. Thanking statement to the employer

Letter body:

I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity to work in your company for 3 months in the probation period. I appreciate all that time that I spent working in your company as it has helped me grow in my career. I have learned a lot working here. I promise to maintain my performance throughout my career in your company.


Thank you letter after probation period

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