Wedding Envelopes

Wedding envelopes are a perfect way to invite someone to your big day. Preparing the wedding envelope by yourself will save you from having to buy envelopes from the market. It is actually very easy for you to prepare the wedding envelopes. Once you prepare one envelope, making envelopes in bulk becomes easier for you.


The templates for wedding envelopes are the best alternative to those you buy from the market. In other words, the templates save your money and also enables you to create a unique envelope. The template for wedding envelope provides envelops in different sizes.

Depending on the size you want, the envelopes can be obtained from this website. These ready-made templates contain all the information that is much needed to be printed on the envelope such as venue, date, the name of the guest and a lot more.

How to create wedding envelope?

In order to create the envelope, you are needed to have a printer, a paper, and glue. Standard white envelops are prepared more commonly because they look more professional. In order to make a more sturdy envelope, a thick piece of cardboard can also be used.

Apart from white, colorful papers with beautiful patterns can also be used for preparing the more firm envelope for a wedding invitation.

The size of envelope that you want to keep should be chosen with great care. Before you print the envelope, it is important to know the exact size you want. The most commonly used size of the envelope is A2 when it comes to print them for wedding invitation purpose.

The template for wedding envelope is a very useful tool for those people who want to get a beautiful envelope for their wedding event free of cost.

A beautiful and attractive wedding envelope can be prepared at home rather than paying a lot of money at the shop.

The personalized information can be added easily to these envelopes. The color, font style, design, envelope size and everything else can be chosen for the envelope. The purpose of using this template is to get an attractive envelope for keeping the wedding invitation card.


Size: Standard A9: 8″ x 5″

Wedding envelope template

File: 1876 KB | Download



Size: Standard A7: 7″ x 5″

Wedding envelope template

File Size: 987 KB | Download



Size: Square 5″ x 5″

wedding envelope sample

File Size: 827 KB | Download



Size: 8″ x 4″

Wedding envelope template

File Size: 44 KB | Download



Size: 8″ x 4″

Wedding envelope template

File Size: 672 KB | Download