Resignation Letter during Probation Period

The probation period in any organization is very important for the employee. It helps him grow and show his potential to the employer.

The employee is required to complete the probation period after which it is decided if he should be given the permanent job.

Due to any problem in life, the employee on probation can resign. The employee may have to resign because he has got a better opportunity or he has not liked the environment. No matter what the reason is, the resignation letter should be prepared.

Although it serves the purpose of the traditional resignation letter, there are some additional details that are to be mentioned in this letter. There are some terms and conditions which were agreed upon by the employee and the company before the start of probation period.

The employee should state all those terms in the letter. The reason for deciding to quit should also be mentioned in the letter.

Tips to write the resignation letter:

Before you write this letter, make sure that you have a valid reason to resign from the job. Make sure that you are writing this resignation letter in an effective way that will put a positive impression on the mind of the boss.

It is recommended to have typed the letter and print it. You can also get the sample letter from the internet if you are not aware of writing the letter on your own.

All to have to do is input your information in the downloaded sample and it will be ready to use. Here is a sample resignation letter that can be used by an employee during resignation letter.

Letter body:

I am currently working in your company and still on probation period of 3 months. Before applying here, I applied to another industry that is of my interest. A few days back, I went for the interview. Yesterday, that company called me to offer the job.

I am seeking to resign from your company.  I am very thankful for the opportunity of working with you on probation.


Resignation letter during probation period

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