End of Probation Period Letter

There are many contractual items from which or newly hired employees is exempted for a specific period. That time period is known as a probation period. The purpose of probation period is to help the employee and employer know if they are a good fit for each other.

In other words, the purpose of probation period is to make things easier in case any one of the employees and the employer wants to terminate the contract.

End of probation period letter is used by the employer’s decision to terminate the probation period is being made at the dismissal of the employee.

The probation period is the part of the employee’s contract of employment. It is therefore important for the employer to announce formally about the end of probation period.

What is the purpose of writing this letter?

The purpose of writing this letter is to remind the employee that the purpose of hiring him was to make him know that his employment is subjected to the satisfactory completion of the probation period. This letter is also written when the company is dissatisfied with the performance of the employee.

The letter states that the employer has monitored the performance of the employee during the probation period and based on his monitoring, he has decided to terminate the employment of the employee.

The reasons for ending the probation period should be mentioned in the letter. Always remember that the employee has a right to appeal against the decision of the probation period termination.

Therefore, make sure that the basis on which you are terminating him are fair and justified. The tone of the letter should be polite and formal.

Letter body

The letter is being written to inform you that during your probation period your performance has been assessed against the standards of our company.

We are very sorry to inform that you are not a good fit for our company since your performance was not satisfactory. Therefore, the company has decided to terminate your probation period. Feel free to contact us.



End of probation period letter

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