Breach of Contract Letter to Employee

What is a breach of contract?

An agreement is signed between two parties which legally binds both. A contract signed between the employee and the employer also makes them stay loyal to each other by fulfilling all the terms and conditions that were agreed upon by both of them.

Whenever the employee or the employee fails to follow any of the terms mentioned in the contract, breach of contract takes place. At the time of hiring, there may be different things that the employee has to follow.

These things are mentioned in the contract which the employer asks the employee to sign. After signature, the contract becomes a legal document. If the employee does not follow any of the terms that he previously agreed on, he is said to be in contract breach.

How to write breach of contract letter?

  1. The breach of contract letter written to the employee is a clear indication that his employment contract has been terminated and he will no longer be able to work in the company.
  2. This is sad news for the employee which should be written in the letter in a very polite tone.
  3. The tone of the letter should be professional.
  4. Try to keep the letter concise. Adding unnecessary details in the letter is not recommended.
  5. State how the employee has breached the contract. It is always advisable to have a personal meet up with the employee to discuss his action of contract breaching before this letter is issued.
  6. The letter should also include the potential loss the company has faced because of employee’s non-professional behavior.

Letter body:

This letter is being written to inform you that you are in violation of the legal contract between you and the company that was signed on 16th August 2018.

You remained absent from the job for 10 days without notifying. You were to inform the company 3 days prior to your leave. Your unexpected absentee has caused a serious loss to the company.

You are responsible for the losses faced by the company. Contact us as soon as possible for further details.


 Breach of Contract letter to employee

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