Three Months Probation Period Letters

Many employers use probation period to integrate new employees into the working environment of the organization. This period is used by the employers to make the employee understand the job requirements. In this way, they can know if that particular individual is suitable for the company.

The successful probation period letter is usually written when it ends. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that the probation period of three months has ended.

This letter is also written at the completion of probation period. The employee finds this letter to be very helpful because it includes the outcomes of the probation period.

The letter clearly states whether the employee has successfully completed the probation period of three months or not. If the employer wants to extend the period of probation, he will state that in this letter.

What is the probation period letter?

It is a formal letter which is written to inform the employee that his probation period has ended and the outcomes of that period are also explained in this letter.

In the probation period, the performance of the employee is assessed. The decision based on his performance is made by the employer which is then disclosed to the employee through this letter. The employee working in the probation period also looks forward to this letter.

Issuing the probation period letter is a very professional approach because, with the help of this letter, you give an image to the employee that you handle the integration of newcomers in the company with complete interest.

Letter body for successful probation

As you know that you were appointed to this organization for a probation period of 3 months. I am very happy to inform you that you have successfully completed your probation period in our organization. Based on your successful probation period, we are pleased to inform you that you will continue your job with us.

We will count your probation period as a continuous service for our organization.

Your probationary period counts towards your continuous service with the organization. In case you have any query, feel free to contact us.

Kind regards


Three months successful probation period letter

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