Bad Check Notice

Almost everyone has to deal with the bad check in business and also in personal life. The bed check notice is usually sent when the check was returned and the check owner is required to pay you the money. Writing this notice is your right. It can be very beneficial for you.

What is a bad check?

A check which is drawn on the account that does not exist is known as a bad check. Sometimes, the check is considered bad when it is presented when there are not sufficient funds in the account. Giving the bad check to anyone is not legal.

When to write the bad check notice?

This notice is written when the check is returned by the bank without paying you anything because of the non-existence of account or not having enough money in the account. In such a situation, you are required to write this notice to demand the payment from the party who gave you the bad check.

The notice for the bad check is an indication that the bank has not accepted the check and the lender party still owes you the money. The first notice should be enough to get the payment from that party. If your notice is not given any importance, you can take some legal actions.

What should be included in the bad check notice?

This notice includes the details such as:

  1. The name of person whom the check was written to
  2. The name of the drawer who signed the check
  3. The name of the bank which name was written on the check
  4. Date
  5. Amount mentioned in the check
  6. The reason for check return
  7. The date on which the check was returned
  8. The contact information of the person who is sending this notice to demand the payment

There can be many other details that can be added to the bad check notice depending on the needs and rules of the state. The limitations, as well as requirements of the bad check notice, can vary from state to state.

Here is a bad check sample text.

It is stated that on [mention the date when the check was issued], you issued the above reference check to our company, [Company Name], in the amount of $[mention the amount of check], drawn on the [mention name of the Bank] Bank. The said Back returned your check to us by marking it as the Insufficient Funds.

We are pretty sure that this was merely due to a mistake as all of us sometimes made a mistake when it comes to bank accounts. And as this is a [Christmas/Eid/other Festive] season, hence this mistake was just an oversight.

This BAD CHECK NOTICE is to inform you that you have to return the payable amount of the check along with the bank charges amount for which I required to pay and the protest fee, within [mention the deadline] days, effective from today.

Your prompt response in this regard would be highly appreciated. The failure to do so will compel us to take further action. We have to turn over all information to the law enforcement officials who will be responsible for initiating the prosecution of this offense.

Please clear all the dues within the [4 day period] so that we shall readjust your account with the said bank and return the original check to you.

Yours Truly,

Sample Template

Bad check notice template