Managerial Position Resignation Letters

To be a manager of an organization or company means that you are one of the most responsible persons for the key roles. Many of the people work hard day and night and want to get promoted to the managerial position. Well, some get this position on the basis of their successful interview and skills.

There may be several reasons for leaving a managerial position. It may be because a manager wants to have a break from the hectic work or maybe he has got a better opportunity in any other organization at a good package. Maybe he is shifting to abroad with his family. Well, whatever the reason for leaving is, a manager has to take the aid of a resignation letter as it is a professional way.

Handling Your Departure:

If you want to resign from the managerial position, then be prepared to move on in a better organization or company prior giving your resignation. Handling your departure really matters a lot. When you have served a company for longer and had good relations with the people over there and the higher authorities too then try to make your departure a memorable moment for them.

Do not give your resignation on a short-term basis. The professional way of leaving your post is to submit a resignation letter to the HR department. Handle your departure gracefully by telling them the reason for leaving the post.

Important Elements:

Mention the last date of your working as a manager and also mention the reason for leaving. Address the HR department or higher authorities in a respectable manner. Let them know that you have a great time working with the prestigious organization, but have to move on now due to respective reasons mentioned in the letter.

Informing a month prior to resignation makes the company prepared for the important decisions regarding the balance clearance and hiring a new manager for the slot that becomes vacant because of your departure. Mention your duration of service and sign the letter at the bottom along with the date on which it is written.

You can take help from the following sample letters.

General Manager Resignation Letter

General manager resignation letter


Operation Manager Resignation Letter

Operation manager resignation letter


Product Manager Resignation Letter

Product manager resignation letter


Production Manager Resignation Letter

Production manager resignation letter


Warehouse Manager Resignation Letter

Warehouse manager resignation letter


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