Wedding Program Cards

If you are on a tight budget but still want to organize a perfect wedding event, you can get the help from wedding program card templates. It contains all the details that you may need to get started with the setup of wedding program. There are many personalized styles in these templates that will help you make a complete wedding program in just a few hours.

The wedding program checklist is available in this template that enables you to organize a perfect program with limited resources. Use this checklist to ensure that you are not forgetting any of the important details.

Key elements of wedding program cards:

The main parts of the wedding program cards are:

  1. The name of the couple getting married
  2. The name of guests who have been invited to the party
  3. The list of songs to be played in the event
  4. Description of the family and its culture
  5. Photos of couple
  6. Map to show the reception area
  7. Thank you lines to parents and families

Tips to prepare wedding program cards:

  1. Since a wedding is a very special event, there should not be anything funny in the program
  2. You should not be rush through the entire wedding program. Take your time, sit back and write the program with complete focus and concentration.
  3. It is always recommended to print some extra copies of the program so that you will not run out of them on the wedding day.
  4. The font and the font size should be in accordance with the type of event and theme. You should choose the theme with extreme care. Try to choose the theme that looks good on the paper you have chosen to write your program
  5. The font size should neither be too large nor too small to read. Make sure that everything included in the program is easy to read.

You can choose the free wedding program card templates from this website. These templates provide you the opportunity to customize them so that they can fit your needs. These ready-made templates are very versatile and easy to use for every type of user.

Preview and Details

#1 Card Size: 8″ x 6″

Wedding Program Card


#2 Card Size: 7″ x 7″

Wedding program card sample


#3 Card Size: 5″ x 7″

Wedding program card


#4 Card Size: 4″ x 8″

Wedding program card


#5 Card Size: 6″ x 8″

Wedding program template