Project Change Authorization Form

What is project change authorization form?

It is the form which is used to get the authorization from the supervisor or any authorized person to start working on the other project.

Every business must face unplanned projects. These projects are in fact, the main part of the business. Because of unpredictable conditions, you may have to stop working on the current project and start a new one.

There are some projects which are to be completed on urgent basis. These projects are required to be started immediately. If you are currently working on any other project, you will be required to prioritize that urgent project and after its completion, you can resume the previous project.

The projects become more manageable if you take your project manager with you. Whenever you want to change the project for any reason, you will have to get the authorization from your supervisor.

The supervisor’s authorization is important because he is the one who will make the project manageable for you and provide the resources needed to work on that project.

How to create the project change authorization form?

The form can be prepared easily in MS word file. The name of the company should be written at the top of the form. There are different sections in the form.

  1. The first section of the form is about the details of the project to be changed. The name of customer, project name, project change authorization, estimated date on which the project will be started, estimated days to complete the project, details about the project manager, names of people who will be responsible for the project, contract number, project number etc. are some details that are to be mentioned right after the name of the company
  2. Enlist all the activities that will be conducted in the new project.
  3. The description of the project to be started should be given in the form.
  4. The details about the deliverables should also be provided in the form.
  5. Give the details about the estimated cost the company will incur for changing the project.
  6. End the form with the space to get the signatures from the supervisor when he will decide to provide authorization.

Template Preview

Project change authorization form