Goal Completion Comment Sheet

A well-written goals plan can have a very positive impact on your performance. Every goal plan is made with the intentions to reach the goals and to complete them. After the completion of goals, one can give comments. For this, a goal completion comment sheet is prepared.

Benefits of goals completion comment sheet:

  1. The goals completion sheet enables the user to know what he has achieved. This also makes him get the idea about those things that he could not do well and are required to be done with more care while reaching the next goal on the list.
  2. The comment sheet is also regarded as the best tool to share your ideas that can improve the performance of the person in the next cycle.
  3. This sheet is used by organizations when they achieve any goal and then give this sheet to every employee to share their views on this goal completion.
  4. You can keep track of all the goals that have been completed

The goals completion sheet also serves as a record sheet of all the goals which enables the user to retrieve the goals related information whenever he wants. This sheet can also be used to have a complete look at each step in the project that leads to its completion.

There are series of activities and steps that are required to be taken to successfully complete the goal. In some companies, all those activities are regarded as a goal. After the completion of every activity, the reviews are taken from all the people who have worked on it and the shortcomings are taken into consideration.

What is the format of goal completion sheet?

This completion sheet is usually prepared in MS Word format. There are different sections on this sheet. Each section records the information about the goal completion. The details of goals accomplished should be added to this sheet.

In front of each goal, there should be a comment area. The sheet ends after the entire project has been completed. A free and easy to customise template can also be downloaded to get an idea about the format.


Goal completion comment sheet