Compliment Letters

When was the last time you received a compliment? And how did you react? It is human nature to love and feel loved. Who doesn’t likes compliments, everyone does. We want to be complimented for even the smallest things we do. Don’t we just love it when we get appreciated for the ordinary things we do every day?

Compliments can be for any reason. It can be for the food we cook, the cleaning we do or even at work the way we maintain files.

As we are not used to of receiving compliments, we might end up in getting confused. We might not even believe in the compliments we get. We get self-doubts but whatever feeling we have, it does makes us happy.

When someone tells us that we look slim, even if we don’t and we know it, we feel happy about it. We should not only accept the compliments given by others, we should also sing out compliments to other people.

We understand the importance of complimenting and the benefits it has. But we need to understand that complimenting someone is an art. Praise is a good way to strengthen the relationships we have.

We study so many ways to maintain our relationships. Complimenting each other can be one of the ways. Complimenting can be a two-way traffic. When we receive a compliment we feel happy but when we give a compliment, we feel happier. So, complimenting can be a way to achieve happiness.

Complimenting can be difficult. We find it hard to say something good about others. We may feel fake when praising someone. But this habit develops self-confidence in us. When we compliment someone, it means we are able to see the good in them. And being able to see the positive things in someone, helps us appreciate the good things in life and makes us more positive.

One of the ways to compliment someone can be through a letter.  We can appreciate the individual for the good they have done or for the achievement. We can write what we really liked and what made us write the letter. We can write whatever we want in the letter and we can end the letter by including best wishes.

Letter -1

Compliment Letter to employee for good work

Dear Mia,

Hope you’re doing great.

It has always been a pleasure to work with you. I have seen you grow gracefully over the last two years. You have become an inspiration for many at work. This was never possible without your hard work and dedication.

Your work is not just an achievement for you rather it has been an honor to have you. I would like to compliment you on your hard work and would expect the same in the future as well. Please keep up the hard work and never forget that sky is just the limit.

Best wishes

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Compliment letter to employee for good work


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Letter -2

Compliment Letter to Teacher

Dear Mr. Stephen,

Wishing you the best of health.

As you know it is the season for university admissions and everyone is busy preparing and trying. So am I. Sometimes, it seems like time has been flying. Until yesterday, it was college and I was learning mathematics from you. And today, I am about to enter my university life.

I would like to thank you for not just being a good teacher but rather an inspiration for me. I still remember the times when I hated mathematics and never did well. It is all because of your efforts and love that I have come this far. You will always be the best teachers I ever had.


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Compliment letter to teacher


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