Employee Annual Leave Record Sheet

Running a successful business organization is not an easy task. There are tons of business functions and each of them demands proper planning and implementation.

This isn’t the case that you take heed of one task and leave the other, for all tasks related to one another and implemented sequentially. Therefore, completing each function is necessary and it demands both your time and effort.

For this reason, it is always recommended to maintain a record of each bit of official information and refer to it whenever desired.

One big part of governing a business or organization is maintaining a complete record of the employees who work in it. Maintaining their record and everything that concerns them is of utmost importance.

Employees are an important asset to your business or organization. They are the ones who convert the ideas into reality and make the projects work. It is impossible for any business or institute to run without the working ones. So, everything related to them is very important to them all a very main and prominent point is their attendance and leave.

The presence of employees and supervisors in a company is very essential. And just as their presence is necessary the company should also take care of their compulsions.

Apart from the official leaves, every employee is granted certain leaves per year.

And to have them is their absolute lawful act. Many times, there comes the emergency or the employee must attend some important event apart from that of official work, or there may come some gathering, in any situation if the employee is requesting to avail his allotted holidays, the company has no right to stop him.

But it is the responsibility of the company to maintain its record. For this purpose, these employee annual leave record sheets were introduced.

It is a simple and very easy way of maintaining your leave record. Because of its importance and effectiveness, every other office is introducing these sheets as one of the important official tasks of the company.

Those companies that are smaller in size maintains these leave records manually but for big organizations, these sheets are automated and provide ease and make the job of searching any record easier.

A complete annual leave record against an employee is maintained in a database and can be used for various purposes like to calculate salaries, count the remaining leaves etc.

Different organizations prepare this employee annual leave record sheets differently according to their own standards. The manual reports are also changed in format, normally used by people who can quickly grasp the matter and don’t need much detail for such issues. However, the main purpose of introducing these record sheets in offices is same and that is keeping a database of employee’s holidays/leave.

Some points that are included in every employee annual leave record sheet are as follows:

  • Mention the name of the employee against which you are making these leave record sheets.
  • Define the year and months on that sheet. And sequentially fill the columns.
  • Mention the vacation hours they’ve used.
  • Mention the medical leave hours too if they’ve used any.

These are few things that are generically added in all leave record sheets. You can always add more if you want any kind of change.


Employee annual leave record sheet template

MS Excel: Download