Consent Letters

Our life takes twists and turns every day. These turns are very important as they help us become more analytical.

With new situations every day, we are making decisions every time. Some decisions are wrong and some are right. But whatever decisions we make, they help us in one way or the other. So, by the time the years of our age are passing by, we are either becoming decisive or we remain indecisive.

Like making decisions, change is also a part of our life. With every decision, change occurs in our life. Some people are good at making decisions and they accept change with energy and enthusiasm. Whereas, some people are always nervous in making decisions and they resist change.

The way decision making and change are important, so is saying yes or no. Saying no can be hard in life. Some people can never say a no. even when they do not approve of something, even when they feel it hard to say a no.

What could be the best way to say a no? When we feel we cannot do the task, we should not linger on and instantly say a no. if we take more time, we overthink and we have chances of saying a yes even when it is a no.

Saying a no can make us more productive. I know this is hard to believe, but if we do something we do not want to do, it will take us more than the reasonable time. The way saying no is important, saying yes matters a lot too.

When you get an amazing opportunity which you have no idea of, say a yes and later learn how to do it. We fear failures and we do not say a yes. But saying yes can-do magic.

When we come across an opportunity, we should show our consent. We can express our consent by a letter. We explicitly write down that we have accepted the job or any offer and the letter is our indication of our acceptance.

Consent letters can be used for various purposes. Parents can write consent letters to the school for a school trip. We can write a consent letter to accept a job.

Following are given few sample templates for consent letters.

Letter -1

Parent Consent Letter to travel

Dear Ms. Rosie,

Thank you for sending this request through.

We have always been a great fan of this school and its teachers. Not just that, we have always supported the school with the activities and travel opportunities it is providing to our children.

We, the parents of Jacqueline, give the consent to our daughter to travel. We are hoping that this travel will help her further in her study of international cultures and languages. We would like to inform you that during her trip, she will be staying with her Aunt Martha. She will be looking after her during this time.

Please do not hesitate to inform us if we can help in any way.

With Thanks

Mrs. Jimmy

Parent consent letter to travel


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Parent Consent Letter to work

Dear Mrs. Stuart,

Thank you for sending this permission letter through.

I am glad to tell you that Aimee’s father and I are happy to allow her to work. Although, this was a hard decision as parents. But we would love our daughter to see the world and how it works. I have always been an advocate of working and understanding the fact that how hard it is to earn money.

I hope this job will teach Aimee to learn the value of money. And prepare her for the challenges of the modern-day work.

With Thanks

Mrs. Tegam

Parent consent letter to work


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Letter -3

Letter of Consent to travel without parents

Dear Ms. Kate,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

I am glad to inform you that we are happy to allow our son to travel without us. This will be the first time when Cullum will be going to a new city without his parents. This is a great initiative from the school and we are very hopeful that this will add to the confidence of our son.

We have all the necessary travel arrangements and have guided Cullum to give his best in terms of attitude and behavior.

With Thanks

Mrs. Pemberton

Letter of consent to travel without parent


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