Encouragement Letters

Do you remember a situation where all you wanted were words of encouragement? We underestimate the power of encouragement but the truth is that these words are magical and everyone needs them. When we encourage someone, our reason is to motivate someone and do better than before.

We should learn to encourage people and bring the best out in them. When we offer someone encouragement, we are not letting them quit. When we get encouragement, we are motivated to put extra energy into our efforts.

Decision making is a skill very few have mastered. When we are angry, we are prone to make wrong decisions. Some people make decisions based on emotions, which is a wrong approach. When we encourage someone, we help them make rational decisions.

When people encourage us, we feel good and we encourage other people as well. It is very important for us to get motivated but at the same time, it is very important we give what we get. When people encourage us, we get the positivity and we transfer it to others.

If you have grown up listening to the positive comments, it is adamant that you will have a bright future. Words shape our future and they make our career and character.

Encouragement and rewards are two different things and we need to understand the difference. Encouragement means we care for people. When we care for people, we empower them. If you want to become a leader, the best way is to encourage your team on a personal level by conducting face-to-face meetings.

From time to time, make a point to encourage your loved ones. This can be done by a call or even by writing a letter.

Written encouragement letter can be better than a verbal one, as the words will remain with us. And we can read them repeatedly whenever we need motivation. When we write an encouragement letter to our colleagues, they paste it over their workstations. Why? Because they want to have a look at it every time and feel motivated.

See the following letters as examples.

Letter -1

Encourage an employee after disappointment

Dear Jess,

Hope this new week brings new opportunities for you.

Life is a constant struggle and failures are a part of everyday life. What we need to learn is to never give up and keep moving with persistence. I have always appreciated you for the efforts you put in everything you do. But sometimes, even after hard work, our fate does not support us.

I know you prepared well for the meeting but it came out to be a complete disaster because of the presentation. Never mind, you need to forget this and learn from such situations. Rather than being disappointed I would be happier to see you pick up quickly and move on with it.

I am always there to support you.



Encouragement letter to an employee after disappointment


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Letter -2

Encourage your employee to keep up the good work

Dear Sabine,

Thanks for all the support you have put in to make us a success.

I have always been a proud advocate of training my employees to become future leaders. I am so glad about your participation in every meeting and sharing your valuable insights with the team. This has not only given you more confidence, but it has also helped me to set an example for all other employees.

I have complete faith in your abilities and I am sure you have a long way to go. Keep up the good work and do not hesitate to ask for my advice should need be.

With Thanks


Encouragement letter to an employee to keep up the good work


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