Invoice Templates

An invoice is a negotiable commercial document which is used by the seller and the buyer. The invoice identifies both parties trading which is involved in a transaction, description of the item, date of shipment, mode of transport, discounts, payment methods etc.

When an invoice is signed by the seller of the item, it becomes a document demanding the payment. If the payment is not due, then the invoice becomes a document of title. There are different types of invoices which are being used these days. Some of them are:

  1. Commercial invoices
  2. Consular invoices
  3. Custom invoices
  4. Pro forma invoices
  5. Bill of sale

Usually, the invoices are made to keep the record of the payment no matter it has been paid or pending. It is very useful for any type of transaction, however; if you are dealing with a big amount of money, then the use of invoice is crucial.

An invoice is the best document to indicate the amount of money the buyer has to pay. Some of the invoices also include the time duration under which the buyer should pay the money. The main components of the invoice are:

  • The heading on the top of the document identifying that the document is an invoice
  • The unique reference number for the invoice
  • The date on which the product was sent from the seller
  • The date the product was delivered to the buyer
  • The date on which the invoice was sent
  • The name, contact details and other details of the seller
  • The name of the buyer
  • The contact information for the buyer
  • The terms of the payment including the method of payment, last date of payment, fine on payment
  • The details of the services and products
  • The cost per unit of the product
  • The total amount which the seller has to pay

When you are designing the invoice for yourself, it is important to add the name and the logo of the company at the top of the sheet of invoice for identification. The sheet can be prepared in MS Excel.

You can apply a number of formulas on the basis of calculations you want to perform. Usually, the templates are prepared by experts working in an organization. You can get a spreadsheet from the internet for better invoice. If you feel there is a lack of any functionality in the spreadsheet, the modification in it can be performed.

About Templates

If you want to save your time and energy, you can download the readymade template of your choice. There are lots of templates available on this website which can be used by the companies. These readymade invoices are best to give the professional look to the business.

The templates can be used online, however; if you must use the template repeatedly, then you can download them to your computer and can print them whenever you need. The invoices are the best way to secure your position and your money in the business.

Some most commonly used invoices are:

Advance payment invoice


Advance Payment Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 35 KB

Auto Repair Invoice Template


Auto Repair Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 54 KB

Business invoice template


Business Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 43 KB

Carpet Cleaning Invoice template


Carpet Cleaning Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 44 KB

Commercial invoice template


Commercial Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 38 KB

Commission Invoice template


Commission Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 77 KB

Healthcare service invoice template


Healthcare Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 33 KB

Handyman invoice template


Handyman Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 32 KB

Maintenance invoice template


Maintenance Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 43 KB

sales invoice template


Sales Invoice

Download Format: MS Excel
File Size: 21 KB