Letter to Landlord for not Increasing the Rent

The letter to the landlord for not increasing rent is used by the tenants to request the landlord for not increasing the rental amount.

This letter is significant to be used when the landlord announces to increase the rent. It is obvious that the rental amount goes on increasing with the passage of time. However, sometimes the landlord increases it to a higher percentage or even more than once in a year. Another scenario is when it is predetermined to increase the rent.

No matter, whatever the circumstance is, if the tenant feels incapable to pay the increased rent then he should take the aid of this request letter.

The request for not increasing the rent can be based on several reasons. One of the most common reasons is the low income. Many of the people are living on low wages and feel extremely difficulty in fulfilling the basic needs of their family. They are unable to afford the unjustified increase in house rent.

This request letter comprises of various sections that contain the facts such as the payment of previous rents on time. Having a good record of timely payment can prove to be helpful in the approval of your request letter.

Never complain too much about the rental issues. Instead of making complains, focus on mentioning the circumstances in which the tenant is living. The format of the letter should be polite and humble.

It can be sent through the email or courier directly to the landlord. It must be written in simple language so that the landlord could easily comprehend it.

The rental increase is undoubtedly a stressful news but it can be dealt in a professional way by raising a voice.

The right and humble of raising the voice is to mention that you are comfortable in living in this apartment and the rental increase compels you to shift to another apartment, which you do not want to. The more convincing and polite tone it contains, the more chances of its acceptance would become.


Letter to landlord for not increasing the rent

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