School Student Activity Templates

Math maze game

Math Maze Game

Extracurricular activities play an important role in grooming up the children. These activities are mandatory for the kids. These activities can be in a variety of ways. Math Maze game is also a part of it. It is the best activity to sharpen up a child’s mind. It helps him grow the ability to think the rights and wrongs. Math Maze games are also available on the internet on a variety of websites. These games include the puzzle games with levels from beginner to pro. It’s all about the maze. Completing a maze by a child is the best activity to sharpen his mind. It helps to grow the ability to think and to make the right choice when the paths are narrow. A child able to complete these tasks has all those abilities a brilliant child have. Download


Membership Certificate

Membership certificateA certificate that gives you a complete authority to participate in a company freely is called as a membership certificate. Usually, it is granted by the companies to its shareholders, who provide the evidence of their ownership stakes in an organization. Only the regular members of a company can receive this membership certificate from the organization. Membership cards are also provided to those members. With this membership certificate, they have a full authority to get any convenience they want. For example, a membership certificate from a hotel can provide you numerous facilities in all manner. They will be treated as special guests than other people. They will be provided much faster services than the others. Moreover, they will also be given more opportunities than the other people arriving at the hotel. Download

‘Thank You Card’ for Soccer Coach

Thank you card for soccer coachThank you cards for a soccer coach are to greet your soccer teacher with respect by heart. This card is given on many occasions. Like other greeting cards, this card also has a great importance for the coach, as it also conveys love towards your teacher. Greet your teachers in a variety of ways. This card can also be given to coach after your selection in the team or it can also be given in some event. You can write anything on the card like, “Thank you, coach, for selecting me in the team and believing in me!”, “Thank you, coach, for all the efforts that you put on while coaching us”. “Thank you, coach, for making us what we are today”. Such perfect lines, truly express a great respect and love for a soccer coach. Download



Weekly Class Attendance Report

Weekly Class Attendance ReportWeekly class attendance records help the teacher to make reports for each student. It also helps the teacher to know which student is taking more absentees and which one is not serious in the class. This record is also mandatory for the reputation of the school in all ways. Having a weekly class attendance record helps to manage a number of lectures per day. The weekly attendance record has the following information in it;

  • Serial number of the student along with their names
  • Time of the lecture per day
  • Attendance and absent block per lecture for a week
  • A block for remarks for each student by the teacher

Having a weekly attendance record also helps the school authority to manage and record the total amount of absentees and presence of the student for the annual results. Download

Football Party Flyer

Football party flyerIt is a great way of attracting the football lovers; it is used to inform the individuals interested in the football party about where and when the party will be arranged. The flyer contains the information about the timing and the venue for the party, the menu, and the special offers are also mentioned on it. There are a lot of templates available online and the individuals looking for it can get it from our website, they can also make some changes if required. There are many attractive templates, one can add the image related to the football on it which makes it relevant to the event and grabs the attention of the individuals who are interested in attending the party.




Holiday Party Invitation Card

Holiday party invitation cardHolidays are the best part of the year, whether it’s a holiday from the school, college, university or office. It’s actually the time individuals wait for all year long, so when it finally comes there should not be anything missing in celebrating it. For inviting the individuals to the holiday party, you can send an invitation to the individuals through invitation cards and you can also invite people through the mail. All the details of the event, when it is arranged, where, what the theme is, what the timings are and don’t forget to add your contact number and email address so that if anyone has any confusion they can call you up for the confirmation and get the desired information. Download