Academic Word Templates

Book Club Flyer

To make a book club successful, a flyer is a must because if you need people to attend a book club then advertising it is necessary. Apart from placing ads on different places, you can get flyers and distribute them among the people, so that a maximum number of people could know about the event and attend it also. These flyers can have different styles and fonts also, anything can be made on it and any color scheme can be used. The text should be easy to read and understand as well, all the necessary details should be mentioned on it in a decent way. The importance of flyers these days cannot be denied, the flyer for a book club must have the following things:

  • Title
  • Details of the event
  • Location
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Email
  • Other information (if you want to add anything)

Club Membership Cards

Club membership cards are used for acceptance of the benefits, membership privileges are only given if the membership is valid and the club membership card must be signed by the member of the club. They are the responsibility of the members if they are lost or stolen, a person must contact the management in the case if the card is stolen. It is valid only until the expiry date and it is not transferable, only the member to whom it is provided can use the benefits. If any other person tries to use this on your behalf, it is cancelled and the club membership cards are non-refundable. The rights of any sort of changes in the membership card, any sort of amendments cannot be done until the staff does not make the changes itself.

Daily Calendar Template

A daily calendar template is used for scheduling of the days, weeks and even months. With the help of a daily calendar template, individuals can keep a track of their time, this calendar is quite helpful in managing the time and it also helps in remembering the important tasks that need to be done on time. There are thousands of templates on the internet for the daily calendar, one can choose any of them and make amendments in it according to the need. Individuals can also create their own daily calendars as a lot of formats and templates are available on the internet, you can get the template from our website also which will help in keeping the important things and activities in mind.

Emergency Contact List

An emergency contact list is a list that contains the contacts of all the employees, students or the members of any organization. It is a just in a case item that you need when there occurs an emergency; the information on the emergency contact list should always be updated so that no problem in contact can happen. For saving the contact on the emergency contact list, many templates are also available on the internet and you can also get them from our website. It has the following things mentioned on it:

  • Name
  • Fathers name
  • Telephone
  • System ID
  • System Name
  • Town/City
  • System Telephone
  • Email
  • System Contact
  • Number of Service Connections
    Details of the person responsible for maintaining the emergency contact list

Event Budget Template

When you are going to plan an event, then managing the budget is a must because when it’s about an event, then staying in the budget is the hardest part of it. Event budget template is the best thing that helps you to stay in your budget. It’s not a difficult thing; all you have to do is to create different columns then add every item on the list along with the approximate average costs of them. When you are going to create a budget template list, then must make sure that you have added every little detail in the sheet. When this is done, enter a description of each item and must not forget to add the amount of guests on it. You can get the event budget template from our website, so there is no need to search more.

Field Trip Permission Slip

The trip permission slip is a way to get the permission from the parents and to inform them that their child is going on a field trip, the slip contains all the details that the educational institution wants to give to the parents. The slip informs about the place where the students are going, other than that it informs about the activity and the timing. There is a section at the bottom of the slip in which all the terms of which the parents has to agree are mentioned, then there is a place for the parent’s signature for the permission.  There are many templates of field trip permission slip available on the internet and you can get one from our website.

High School Diploma Certificate

A high school diploma certificate is a certificate that shows that the individuals have all the requirements that are required for graduation. With a certificate of high school diploma, it is quite challenging to get into the college. Every country has different requirements of receiving the diploma, a person who qualifies for it is known as a grandaunt and when the diploma is finally received then it is known as a graduate. The high school diploma certificate is given for the successful completion of the course to the individual who has done it. It includes the details of the person, details about the institution from where they did it and when.