Welcome Letter

The welcome letters are written to people who newly join a company, social event, a neighborhood or special occasion. So in short, a welcome letter can be considered as a sign of courtesy and consideration to a person who adds up in your company’s staff, neighborhood or an event.

A welcome letter is the finest way of showing a person that how much you or your organization appreciates the presence of an individual. A welcome letter ensures that this person’s interest or efforts are much welcome and his work under your supervision or management will bring out the best of company interest. It’s all about the element of love between the writer and the person for whom the welcome letter is being written.

It shows how much significance a person has in your life. Normally, a welcome letter can be either formal or informal. Both the possibilities depend on the condition it is used in. If you hire a new person or starts working with a new organization then the welcome letter will be formal. In a casual manner, the welcome letter is used to write to your loved ones like your dearest friends, neighbor, classmate, employee, client or customer.

It also serves the purpose of giving a decent image of yours in other person mind and helps to realize this person that his efforts are much appreciated and how much value he/she holds in your life. It discloses the fact that the person to whom a welcome letter is written is important in your eyes or not. It also proves that whether or not their coming or presence for an occasion would add up to your happiness or not.

Welcome letters are all about given and take. You give importance you get importance. You write a welcome letter to a person to flatter him and he gives you special favors in return and considers accepting your invitation warm-heartedly. Be it a hotel and its customer, event organizers and the public attending their event, a welcome letter performs the role of a bridge between two parties.

Welcome letters can be used in a number of different circumstances and situations. These letters can be written for any occasion. Since its purpose is to invite and welcome new people, it can also be written to hotel guests. As a warm welcome and invitation, the hotel team can write and send this letter to their valuable customer or guest.

For event planners and organizers the welcome letters work wonders for them. It cuts down their hassle into half because it helps them to gain the attention of public or the specific people they want to have at their events.

A sample of a welcome letter is given below. Hope it will help you in making your job easy. Cheers!


Welcome letter sample

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