Request Letter for Change in Shift Timing

The timing of the company or organization varies from business to business. A hospital or pharmacy is most commonly supposed to be a business that remains open for 24 hours. Not all the business but majority of them comprises of more than one shift. The request letter for change in time works the best for the employees who want to have some changes in their working time. This change can be switching from one shift to another or the flexibility in the timing.

The request letter for change is time is a significant official document which is used by the employees. An employee sends this request letter to the employer along with the reason. The reason for the request is dependent on the circumstances and conditions of the employee.

If a person continues his studies and wants to switch his working time in the evening then he may send a request to the employer. Likewise, the change in time can be requested when a particular time does not suit the employee.

Other reasons may include the family issues that he may be suffering from. No matter, whatever the reason for the change in time is, an employee can take the aid of the request letter to sort out and manage the problem accordingly.

It is better to send the request letter earlier rather than sending it in the nick of time. The company would review it and make the final decision as per their convenience.

The approval or rejection is dependent on the format and valid reasoning of the request. Attach the reference document along with the letter in order to make it effective.

Mention the date of writing the request letter. Mention your name, designation and the changes in time that you want. Mention the previous timing of your work. The tone should be polite and humble. The format used should be simple and easy to comprehend.

Assure the company that it would be helpful and lead to better performance if the timings are changed as per the employee’s need. Let the employee know that you want to stick with this organization and serve the company with your potentials. The change in time would be highly helpful.

See the following letter for more details.


Request letter for change in shift timing

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