Apology Letter for Not Attending Interview

An interview is a gateway to a job. It is unfortunate to miss an interview. There can be several reasons for missing a job interview. No matter whatever the reason would be, a candidate feels pain and stressed due to this unfortunate incident. The best remedy for such a situation is to send an apology letter for not attending an interview. It must be sent as early as possible.

The apology letter should be written in such a way that it represents the sincerity of the candidate. Assure the organization that you are the right and best candidate for this job. Do mention the reason for missing the interview and request them to reschedule the interview so that you can express your potentials to them.

The polite tone must be used for the apology letter. Your guilt should be represented by your apology letter. In this way, you would be able to convince them for rescheduling an interview.

Let the employer know that you missed the interview because of the traffic jam, accident or any other reason. Let them know that it was entirely your mistake and you could correct it if you took sagacious steps previously.

For instance, missing the job interview because of the traffic jam makes no sense. But, many of the people experience such tough scenario. Hence, while writing such reason do mention that you could have left the home earlier in the interview.

Assure the employer that the delay was not intentional but a bad luck and could not be repeated again. Mention the lessons learned.

Do not forget to mention your name, contact number and the details of an interview that you missed. If you become able to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for this job and the mistake was all yours then there exists maximum chances of rescheduling a meeting with you.

If you could not attend the interview because of an accident then do attach the medical certificate along with this apology letter. It ensures the rapid positive response. Assure them that you value time and would be on time for the next interview.

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Apology letter for not attending an interview

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