Explanation Letter for Not Attending Meeting

Companies and organization want to boost their business and flourish in order to make an eminent place in the competitive world. The meeting is an important part of the business. These can be of various kinds and aid in providing wings to the business.

Employees are expected to attend the meeting and contribute their optimum participation in it in order to make it successful. It is quite unfortunate when an employee misses the meeting due to any reason.

Missing the meeting leaves a bad impact on one’s performance. Explanation letter for not attending the meeting is a great aid in this regard. It aware the employer about the delicacy of the situation. As the employee is supposed to mention all the minute details and reason for not attending the meeting. Death or funeral of a relative is a necessary to be attended. Medical illness such as fever, cold, backache or accident etc. unable the person to attend the meeting.

The poor health condition surely diminishes one’s effectiveness and performance. Mention that you are a responsible employee and it is the first time that you could not show your presence at the meeting.

Mention the reason in full detail. An important and sagacious method to be adopted is the attachment of the reference document such as a medical certificate. Attaching the reference is of great concern as it depicts the truth of the reason mentioned in the letter.

The explanatory letter is being viewed by the company. Mention the name and logo of the company on the letter. Mention the employer name, designation, your name, your designation, meeting date, meeting time, date of the letter, detailed explanation and the signature at the bottom of the letter.

Avoid any harsh wording. The format of the letter should be simple, clear and easy to comprehend. This professional letter ensures the sense of responsibility of the employee. It further ensures that the employee is completely aware of the significance of meeting and the particular circumstance caused the failure to attend the meeting.

Apologize for your absence in this explanation letter. Assure the employer that it won’t happen again. Assure him about your presence at the next meeting.

See the following letter template as an example.


Explanation letter for not attending the meeting

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