Apology Letter for Not Attending Meeting Due to Illness

Health is one of the biggest blessings which ensure the better performance of people. Any medical condition or illness leads to the poor efficiency or performance. Healthy individuals are considered to be beneficial for the company.

Meetings are an important part of all business. The successful meetings lead to the efficient running of a business. A company held a number of business meetings. The successful meetings ensure a profit to the business while the unsuccessful meetings lead to drastic impacts such as loss of the business.

There are some circumstances in which an employee becomes unable to attend the meeting. Failure to attend the business meeting can be due to enormous reasons. One of the reasons which lead to the absence of the meeting is the illness.

If you are an employee who has missed a business meeting due to health issues or disorder then use a professional way to apologize from the employer. Sending the apology letter for not attending the meeting due to illness is the efficient and professional manner.

Mention the date and timing of meeting along with the proper reason for not attending it. State the illness that hindered you to attend the meeting. Attach the medical certificate along with the apology letter. It reveals the truth of your described reason. Let the employer know that you value time and the business affairs such as a meeting.

Do mention that it is quite unfortunate to not attend the meeting because of illness. However, the rescheduling of the business would be quite helpful to sort out the issue.

The format of the apology letter should be humble and polite. Mention the name of the company, details of the meeting, the name of the employee, designation, reason of absence and signature at the bottom of the letter. One should focus on adopting the professional ways while working in the professional environment.

The apology letter is one of the important parts of the professional documents. One can send it directly through the courier or may email it on the official email id of the company.

Following is given the letter template that will help you write the letter in case you need it.


Apology letter for not attending meeting due to illness

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