Excuse Letter for Not Attending PTM in School

The excuse letter for not attending PTM is an apology letter sent by the parents to the principal. The purpose of the parents teaching meeting is to discuss the status of students progresses with their parents. This letter can be sent to the school through the courier or by mailing it to the school email address.

No parent wants to miss the PTM of their child. It is unfortunate to not attend the PTM due to any reason or urgency. Hence, in such a circumstance, the excuse letter is of great concern.

Parents often miss the PTM due to their job. There may be chances that the parent has to attend an important meeting in the office or have to go on tour or traveling as per his job nature. It leads to the failure to attend the meeting. Hence, the parent should mention that it was an entire coincidence that the PTM time and date was same as that of the job’s tour or official meeting.

The format and tone of the apology should be gentle, polite and humble. Sending an excuse letter reveals that the parent is concerned about the future of his kid. Hence, he can even request the rescheduling of the meeting or meet with teachers after coming back to the school from the tour.

Besides the job nature, there can be any urgency such as the death of any relative etc which lead to the failure to attend the PTM on time. Whatever the nature of reason is, do mention it with the mandatory details. One can even attach the reference document with the mail.

Assure the principal that you would not miss the next PTM and would be on time. Also, assure the principal that you completely comprehend the significance of PTM and value it. Show your keen interest in the progress report of your kid. Do mention the name of your kid, his class, your name and signature at the bottom of the document. Taking the excuse letter for granted, after missing the PTM, represents your zero interest in your kid’s studies and leave a bad impact too.


Excuse letter for not attending PTM in School

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