Letter to Cancel Delayed Goods

The cancellation letter is written to communicate with the service provider in order to cancel the purchase. The customers have a right to cancel the purchase when it is delayed. The customer usually cancels the purchase when he gives a reasonable amount of time to a vendor to deliver the products but the vendor has failed to supply those products at that time. It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure that the goods will be delivered to the customer by a certain time.

If the customer has clearly mentioned in the purchase agreement with the vendor that the goods must be delivered by a specific date, then he can easily write the letter to cancel the purchase order.

The vendor is expected to return the paid money to the customer without any delay. The customer may be entitled to the compensation of the financial losses faced by the vendors.

There should not be any spelling or grammatical mistake in the letter.  Make sure that you write this letter when the cancellation of order is your final decision. Depending on the nature of the event the letter can be drafted in both formal and informal formats.

Keep the letter short and to the point. The letter to cancel the delayed product is a very important and hence it should be delivered to the corresponding person. It should provide all the necessary details that are needed by the vendor to identify your order, purchase order number, the date on which order was placed, total payment made by you and a lot more.

Letter body:

Dear [Name Here],

I am writing this letter to request the cancellation of the order purchased by me on 10th of this month. My order number is A-34RT. As agreed by you the goods were to be delivered to my address by 13th of this month. Today is 10 days past that date but I haven’t received any notice of the delay from you.

I have also attached the copy of the agreement. I request you to write the confirmation of the cancellation.




Letter to cancel delayed goods

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