Leave Application Letters

Leave application letter

The leave application letter is used by employees to get leave from work. The main purpose of writing this letter is to convince the employer so that he can process your application of leave immediately.

When the reasons for getting away from the job for days are specific and you expect to return to your job, writing the leave application is the best way to let the employer know about it.

The Leave application letter safeguards the reputation of the employee in the company and also avoids confusions. In order to avail all the potential benefits of this letter, it is important to write it in a professional way with an effective approach.

How to write the leave letter?

Here are few tips to help you write an effective letter:

  1. The letter should be written in a respectful manner and all the details should be clear in it.
  2. Before you start writing this letter, create rough notes. These notes should be prepared with great care as they are going to form the basis of a perfect leave application letter.
  3. The date on which you are submitting the application, the date from which the leave will be effective, the facts, guidance to the employer in your absence etc. are some major details of this letter.
  4. It should be ensured that these details have been added to the letter to make it complete and easy to understand by the employer.
  5. You may add some additional details in the letter such as telling the employer that how much you are going to miss that place of work. However, the core information should be provided first.

The format of leave application letter:

Just like other professionally written letters, the leave application letter also consists of three main parts: the introduction, body of letter and conclusion. The letter should be started with the introduction. This section of the letter should be brief.

The body of the letter should include the information needed by the employer in order to accept and process your leave application letter. The conclusion should be written at the end in a very respectful manner.

Leave Application

Respected Sir/Madam [Name Here],

I need a full day leave due to an emergency at home. I will be joining again and even will try to arrive after the situation is soothed.

Sir/Madam, I require this leave due to the long-term disease of my [Insert Details] who is going to get operated soon. He/she has been admitted to [Name] international hospital for [Details].

I need to stay with him/her in this situation as none of my ménage belongs to this country and we are living apart from our families. I am a responsible employee and never leave my office unless there is a dire emergency.

According to my previous records which may be checked if needed, I have been keen and very particular with my professionalism and work and have never been informing with any complain issued regarding any of my discourses.

Kindly grant me a leave for [X] day(s). I shall be grateful to you.

Leave Application for One Day from Office

Respected Sir,

I am currently working as a financial analyst in the treasury department for the last 5 years. I am very famous for my hard work and commitment. As you know, we are approaching the year end and it is the most hectic time for all accountants, I was working overtime for the last couple of weeks. This work routine has made me fall sick.

Therefore, I would request you to allow me a one day leave so that I can rest properly and come back to work with all my energy and enthusiasm. While I am on a leave, David will be covering for me. I will also be available for any urgent issues over call and email.

Many Thanks

Leave application for one day from office


Application for casual leave from office

Dear Sir,

I am currently working as the assistant manager accounts in the finance department. I have been very diligent about my tasks and avoid taking any unnecessary days off from work. However, I would request you to grant me a casual leave for 1 day. I need to attend my children’s parents’ teacher meeting which is important for the upbringing of my children.

I have attended to any urgent work and delegated the important tasks to my team members. I will be back to work on xx-xx-xx and can be reached by call/email should need be. I would really appreciate your support in this matter.

With Thanks

Application for casual leave from office




Leave application


Leave application letter


Leave Application Letter