Invitation Letter to Quote Price of Goods

This type of invitation letter is a formal business letter most widely used in businesses. Usually, those companies and buyers write this letter who wants to invite the suppliers for providing the price for the goods needed by the company.

More commonly this letter is considered as a request letter written to the vendors asking them to send the price quotation for the goods that the company needs.

The invitation letter written for the quotation of goods may not be very important for an individual but it is very important for the companies and businesses. Because the individuals buy the goods they need while the companies buy the products from the vendor in bulk, they ask the vendor to decrease the price of the goods and give some discount.

How to write the invitation letter for price quotation?

  • The letter should be started by addressing the supplier and then enlisting the products you want to purchase in bulk.
  • You can provide the price range for quotation in the letter. The quality level of the products that you need should also be described in the letter so that supplier will not quote for the low-quality items.
  •  The supplier should be given the deadline for sending the quotations. Inform the supplier about the number of days that you have for choosing the supplier.
  • The letter should be ended with the contact details of the company so that the supplier can contact you conveniently.

In case you need a discount from the supplier you can mention that you will be ordering the same goods in future and the supplier quoting the lowest price will be the exclusive supplier of the company.

Make sure that the tone of the letter is formal and it can easily reflect the professionalism. It should be written concisely by omitting unnecessary details.

Letter body:

I would like to invite you for providing us the quotation of the following quotes on urgent basis.

  • Product description:
  • Quantity:

The prompt response in the form of the quotation from you will be very beneficial for both of us.

Sample Template

Invitation letter to quote price of goods

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