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Invitation Letter to Quote Price of Goods

This type of invitation letter is a formal business letter most widely used in businesses. Usually,

Letter to Cancel Delayed Goods

The cancellation letter is written to communicate with the service provider in order to cancel the

Leave Application Letters

Leave application letter The leave application letter is used by employees to get leave from work.

Salary Certificate to Whomsoever It May Concern

Salary Certificates A salary certificate is such a professional document which provides the information about the

Notice for Payment Default

If the lender does not pay you the due payment, you can default his account. The

Exercise of Option Notice

The original owner of the options has a right to send the notice to the other

Breach of Contract Notice

The breach of contract notice is sent to someone to let them know that they are

Bad Check Notice

Almost everyone has to deal with the bad check in business and also in personal life.

Managerial Position Resignation Letters

To be a manager of an organization or company means that you are one of the

Holiday Announcement Letters

Holidays are a much awaited time of the year. Every employee plan, arrange and schedule different

Anniversary Love Letters

We hear all kind of things regarding marriage. Some good, some bad and some horrible. However

Player Information Form

What is player information form? This form is used by various sports academies in order to

Cell Phone Use Notice to Employees

A cell phone is the biggest distraction these days which is badly affecting the productivity of

Warning Letter for Parking Violations

It is obligatory for every citizen of the country to follow the rules and regulations that

Employee Wage Verification Form

What is wage verification form? It is a type of document which is used to confirm

Payment Confirmation Letter

The payment confirmation letter is just another name of receipt. The difference between the two is

Request Letter for Urgent Delivery

If you are working on a project and you need the required material to complete your

Wrong Invoice Explanation Letter

Making a wrong invoice can bring a lot of problems for you. If you are not