Wedding Table Cards

What is table card?

A table card, in any event, is used to assign a number to every table. It becomes easier for the guests to identify the table they can sit at. In most of the countries, the table card is considered as an important part of the reception. Just make a simple wedding table card and make it easier for guests to find their place.

Wedding table card templates:

The templates for wedding table cards are available on this website. These templates are very easy to use and the user finds it very convenient to use them for their own event. These templates are completely customizable. You can simply edit them to add your own details to them and print them to use.

The template contains many pre-defined designs that can be incorporated into the card that you want to use for your event. These cards give the message to guests that how responsible and caring you are when it comes to providing comfort to the guests.

The font on these table cards can also be changed according to your own choice. If you have chosen one theme of the wedding and you want the table cards to follow that theme, you can customize the entire design of table card with the help of customization feature of wedding table card.

Tips to make table card for a wedding?

Before you print this table card, you should know how many tables you will have in the wedding hall. If you are not sure about it, get the information about it from the hall’s management.

It also depends on the number of guests you have invited to the event. There should not be any table with table card as it shows your careless approach towards managing wedding event.

The designs provided in these templates are unique and very adorable. Make your wedding hall look more beautiful and appealing with the use of wedding table cards.

The main purpose of using the place card is to direct the guests towards their seats. It makes the event more manageable.

Following you can find beautiful design place cards for the wedding event. Download, customize and print any place card you like.


Wedding Table Card

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Wedding Table Card

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Wedding Table Card

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Wedding Table Card Sample

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Wedding Table Card Sample

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Wedding Table Card Template

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Wedding Place Card

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[All the place cards are for personal use only]