Complaint Letter to Boss about Work Environment

If you are grieved because of anything at your job, writing a complaint letter to your boss is the best way to show your grievance.

Problems at the workplace can affect the performance of the employee. Whatever the nature of the problem is, you should always tell your boss about the hostile work environment. It is the responsibility of your boss also to take your complaint seriously.

The problems regarding the job can be of different types. You may be facing verbal or sexual abuse at a job that may be affecting your performance. It is also possible that the lighting and sanitary conditions are not good at your office. Writing the complaint letter to your boss can solve many problems that you may be facing at your job

The letter should be written in a way that the boss can get to know what this letter is about. The complaint in the letter should be written in detail. You can also mention the details in the letter to show what you have done to solve that problem.

The letter should be started with the complete description of the problem you are facing and ended with saying that you hope to see the response from the manager.

Letter body:

I am writing this letter to inform you about the problem I am facing at work. This problem is really bothering me and I am unable to solve it without bringing it to your attention.

The shipping manager called me into his office and told me that I have shipped the package to the wrong address. I apologized for it but he continued yelling at me. It really embarrassed me because he yelled at me in front of entire shipping staff.

After few days, I received a warning letter from the shipping manager in which I was threatened to be fired from the job. I believe that my productivity and morale has gone too down.

I believe that Mr. John who is the shipping manager of the company should be held accountable for insulting me in front of everyone. I would appreciate your response to this letter.


Complaint letter to boss about work environment

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