Visitor Sign in Sheets

What is visitor sign-in sheet?

It is a document where the visitors of any company write the basic information about them so that the record of their visit to the company can be kept.

This record is basically useful for security personnel who are responsible for keeping a check on every visitor. Security personnel also track if a person is still in the building or has left.

Every company works with different type of people including suppliers, vendors, and buyers. Apart from these people, there are many other people who visit the company for several purposes. To record attendance of all the visitors, visitors sign-in sheet is used.

The companies use this sheet to ensure that proper security measures are being taken as well as the people coming to the company are confirmed first. There are different rules every company follows.

The visitors are asked to provide the specific time when they entered the company. The name of the visitor is also required to be given in the sheet along with other types of information. Whenever any person visits the company, the company records his visit.

The purpose of the visit is also recorded on this sheet. The person to whom the visitor has come to meet is also mentioned in this sheet.

What is included in the visitors sign in sheet?

The purpose of the visit should be clearly mentioned on the sheet. The last part of the sheet collects the signatures of the visitor and that is why it is the most important part of the sheet as it validates the visitor.

The visitor sign-in sheet is a very useful and productive document to record the attendance of visitors at the company.

If you want to use visitor sign-in sheet for your business but you are not aware of for the format to be followed, then you use the template. This template contains different columns which collect the details about the visitors. Based on your needs, you can add or remove more columns in this sheet.


Visitor Sign in Sheet

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