Service Dog ID Badges

Service dogs are such trained animals that are trained to work in cooperation with the individual who is physically disabled. This is done to elevate the status of the dog from the pet animal to the service animal.

The disabled person is exempted from the policy of ‘’NO PET ALLOWED’’. These dogs are trained in such a way that they obey the commands of the person very faithfully.

What is service dog ID badge?

It is an identification badge which is worn by the dog in service. The purpose of this card is to make a distinction between a pet dog and a trained dog.

Benefits of service dog ID card:

The key benefits of these cards are:

  1. The ID cards to be used for service dogs are very easy to customize.
  2. These ID cards register the identification of the dog in service.
  3. The card gives the complete access to every building such as bank, restaurant, shopping mall, grocery store, ship etc.
  4. Since these cards are only issued to the authentic service dogs, the use of these cards ensures that the authenticity of the dog can never be questioned when it is wearing this card.
  5. You will be able to have a dog in-place with the use of ID Card.

If you want a professional looking service dog ID Card, easy to use and customize templates are available here. The purpose of the service dogs is to provide the assistance to the person with any type of disability.

When you and your service dog wants to get the best in the form of ID badge, make sure that you manage to give the high-quality appearance to the card while being professional at the same time.

To integrate both aspects in the card, you can get the assistance of the readymade templates.

Your service dog is not required to have any registration or certification to be considered as a service dog. The only thing which is enough for the identification and recognition of the dog is ID card.

Preview of the ID Badge -1

Service dog id badge template


Preview of the ID Badge -2

Service dog id badge template