Correction Letters

What is the most favorite sport for people these days? We can say nitpicking. Yes, it sounds funny though but we like criticizing other people without keeping a heed of our words. Sometimes, the way people talk to us, it seems like they are spitting out words rather than thinking and then speaking.

When we are correcting someone, it happens that rather making friends we make enemies. The reason is the way we correct people is not very appropriate. We should know how, when and when not to correct someone. What could be the best way to correct people? Also, is the correction important and does it matters?

Does it matter if Aunt Sara pronounced a word wrong? I think it doesn’t really matter. And if we have to correct her, the best way is to make it fun and correct her. Does it matter if my engineer friend speaks wrong English? We can say yes it matters. Why? Because he is a professional who travels and meets new people every day. So, it is very important to speak in the proper manner.

Correction sets the person straight but it comes at a price that is known as an embarrassment. Before correcting someone, we should consider the place, the people around us and the relationships we have with that person.

Correction is not just for our regular life. We need corrections in our business and professional life as well. But correction in professional life can be easier. How? All you should do is write a letter or an email.

Correction letters can be written and send either way. If we provide the bank with the wrong bank account details, the bank can write us a correction letter to provide the correct details.

If the delivery company has written wrong address or posted our goods somewhere else, we can write them a correction letter to amend our details and post them to the correct address.

Like all other letters, we can use correction letters for multiple uses. A company can write a correction letter as a means to apologize for the mistake. The mistake/error can be mentioned in the letter. Any reasons due to which the error occurred can be mentioned as well. Some errors could be due to software, which is worth mentioning. After mentioning the problems, do make a point to write the remedial action taken so that the confidence of the service user remains.

Sample Letter -1

Letter to employee for the correction of the behavior

Hi Nathan,

We hope that you are doing well in your job.

In the recent meeting with your line manager, I got to receive a few complaints against you. This was really shocking to me as you are one of the best employees that I know. However, I was very disappointed to find that you have been misbehaving with your colleagues.

I can understand that you might be having a lot of workloads these days which can result in mood swings. But whatever the case, you must maintain the office discipline and decorum. I will be more than happy to discuss things out with you in case of any issues.

Please take this as the first warning and we will be looking forward to you to improve your behavior.

With Thanks


Sample Letter -2

Invoice Correction Letter for being undercharged

Hi Sabine,

Hope you’re doing well.

It has always been a pleasure to work with you. I hope this business relationship grows stronger in this New Year. We have received the new invoice from you and after reviewing it, we have found a discrepancy. The invoice seems to be undercharged. It could be due to not taking the impact of the tax. Therefore, I would like you to review your records and see if this is the case.

We will be paying this invoice once we receive the correct one. Please let me know if this works or otherwise.

With Thanks


Letter Preview

Employee Behavior Correction

Letter to employee for the correction of the behavior

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Letter Preview

Invoice Correction Letter

Invoice correction letter for being undercharged

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