Appreciation Letters

I still remember preparing my first presentation and sharing it with my team. After the presentation, my manager praised me high. What did I learn? If you want to go a long way, you need appreciation. Being praised for our little efforts can help us achieve heights. Women want to be praised for the food they cook, kids want to be appreciated for the drawings they make and even our pets like being appreciated when they learn small tricks.

We get a high injection of energy and positivity when we get appreciated. It makes us feel so glad to know that we matter and that people recognize us for our efforts. When we feel appreciated, we feel lifted up and we end up in doing better than before. When our value is at risk, we naturally get insecure and waste our time on thinking excessively. This excessive thinking that stresses us out and drains away all our energy.

People like being appreciated and they know the value of being praised, even then most of us find it really hard to appreciate someone. And why does that happen? One of the reasons is our negative environment has made us blind to the good happening around us. We need to learn to appreciate even the smallest gestures around us.

The second fact is that we do not know our emotions properly. We do not know the language of emotions and expressions. We are so used to of not expressing ourselves that we get uncomfortable.

Appreciation is a muscle we haven’t really toned out well. We are more trained to express our feelings over negative happenings around us. The impact of negative comments cannot be quantified and being devalued is a disastrous feeling. People who are devalued are more prone to heart diseases. Yes, this is the evil power of being degraded.

We need to train our mind and words to appreciate people even when they fall under our expectations. Our goal is to make people better and bring out the best in them. There is a possibility that if we find hard to appreciate people, we might not be able to appreciate our self as well. So, as a first step, we need to appreciate us. There could be a million creative ways to appreciate people. But letter could be one of the most effective ways. Whenever we want to appreciate someone for their goodness, we can write them a simple and brief letter explaining what we really like about them and how can they improve to become the best.

Sample Letter -1

Appreciation Letter for Doing Good in study

Dear Ben,

Hope you’re doing great.

I just happen to meet your sister yesterday when she mentioned that you have aced your exams with flying colors. I was so excited to hear this. I know you as a kid and I still remember that you worked very hard and gave your best in whatever you did.

You have not just achieved this for yourself, rather the whole family is glad and feeling proud of you. I hope you will keep up the good work in future as well and make us prouder of yourself. I hope you have been skimming through the best universities in town. However, I am always available to help you in whatever way I can.

Speak soon!

With Love

Aunt Martha

Sample Letter -2

Appreciation letter for doing well in job

Dear Abby,

Wishing you a very happy new year. Everyone has some new hopes and aspirations for the New Year. So do you and me. And if we end our year on a good note, what more can we ask for. I heard about your promotion and bonus. This sounds awesome. But we should never ignore the hard work you have put in your job all these years.

I have seen your work effortlessly days and nights without keeping a note of your health or personal life. And this has all paid in the end. I wish you more strength and power in the coming year. Keep working hard and we will follow you as an example.

With Love


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Appreciation Letter for Doing Good in Job

Appreciation letter for doing well in job

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Appreciation Letter for Doing Good in Study

Appreciation letter for doing good in Study

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