5-Day Trip Planner

Recreation is good for both physical and mental health. We work hard throughout weeks and months for our livelihood. Either it is office routine, household activities and responsibilities or study chores we feel tired after working a consecutive number of days.

Many schools, college, and universities organize trips for the students. These trips may be related to study or recreation. Offices plan staff trips to different places annually, semi-annually or according to some other defined schedule. Families organize trips to different places for the purpose of recreation and outing. We plan trips and want it to be filled with fun, love, and enjoyment.

Some people plan a trip well before time and the others might make sudden decisions about it. In either case, no one wants his/her trip to be troubled or filled with the hassle.

For a group of many people sometimes it becomes difficult to decide for the place(s) to visit. If it is not a one-person decision activity we can consider it to be a debatable topic at any place. There is always a lot of places people can visit. So, depending upon options it might become difficult at a time to finalize the destination.

Some trips are planned for a short duration and others for long. It may vary from one day to many in different cases. For one day trip, we can consider it to be only one place visit as there is not enough time to spend in traveling if staying and enjoying at one place is the purpose.

Well, for more than one day trip people need time to decide at which particular place(s) they are going to visit and for how much time. For any trip planning activities we are providing here a trip planner and exactly it is a 5-day trip planner. One can customize it to use for any number of days depends upon each particular case.

How to use this template

The 5-day trip planner is typically designed for the five-day duration. You can use this template to decide and finalize five different destinations on every different day. It is designed in a way that you can put all necessary information about each particular visiting place.

The detail might consist of destination name, traveling time, the specialty of the place with any reference, the reason to chose this place (optional), what to eat there and details about accommodation.

For every five different places, you can add particular details related to that place. After completing this information you can distribute this template as a document to inform all related individuals about the trip. Anyone willing to join this trip will easily get all required details about it and will feel him/herself well informed.

A snapshot of the template is being added also before you decide to click on the download link and save a copy of it.


5-Day Trip Planner

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